Today’s Devotional

"My precious child, trust me for I am the sustainer of your soul and your eternal helper..."

Offer Assistance To Others.

Most times when people are hit by a flood, it happens so fast that they have no time to prepare themselves for the outcomes. When an emergency flood repair is happening, how much you get to replace and rebuild depends on what you can afford. Some people are not financially stable and they suffer most because they may end up losing their homes since they cannot afford any flood repairs. Insurance, government disaster programs, and volunteers sometimes offer financial support to cater for an emergency flood repair. Support goes a long way during times of disaster such as these.

My beloved child, how often have you needed immediate support to repair the floods in your life? I have placed people in your life who have offered this help just at the right time. You have seen my hand and the floods have never swallowed you up. My child, all these other people are equally my children, and they too need emergency flood repairs in their own lives. I desire that you never give a deaf ear to someone who needs your assistance. Pay attention to the needs of others, my children, just as you want me to do in your case. My beloved, understand that your well will never run dry once you start giving and being a present help.

My child, when someone is faced with floods, they probably need an emergency repair. These floods can come in many forms, could be divorce, grief, or even loss of a job. Precious one, I have called you to carry others’ burdens so that you may fulfill my will. Do not forget to share what you have or to do good because these are the kind of sacrifices that will show my love to the world. I have extraordinarily loved you, it is up to you to take the love you receive from me and find ways to bring that goodwill and love to others.

Pick Up The Pieces And Rebuild Again.

When you have experienced a flood and you have done an emergency flood repair, you probably never want to go through it again. When you rebuild, you make sure you do it better. Even though emergency flood repairs may come fast, you may still have experienced so much loss of your valuables which may take you so much time to be in the same position again. It is best to think about floodproofing your home and taking action to protect your home from future floods. When you do an emergency flood repair, it is best to reach the root cause and fix the issue right from the source.  As you rebuild, you can make sure you get lessons on what to do next time.

My child, it would be a lie to tell you that you won’t stumble and fall. The reality is that sometimes you may fall into a pit that you didn’t see coming. Instead of wallowing in your problems when you get down, lean on me for support. I do not see you the way you see yourself when you make a mistake. You may see yourself as a worthless ruin, but what I see is what you become when you find your faith in me.

Now my precious child, be strong to bear your weaknesses even when you do not have the strength to. Focus on rebuilding yourself in me. Seek not to build with your understanding, but surrender yourself that I may gradually reestablish you.

Reflect on These Words Today

“In the same way, let your light shine before people, so they can see the good things you do and praise your Father who is in heaven.”

(Mathew 5:16)

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