Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, your present life is just for a moment; live wisely and let me be your God for you are just a sojourner on this planet..."

Allow me to be your lord

When a person transits from this life to the next, they leave everything behind including their beloved families as well as the material wealth that they had acquired during their existence. Wise people strive to live a life that pleases me and they make me their God because they have understood that the present life is not eternal and they will have to exit someday when the creator calls. The vanity of life is evident when one spends their entire lifetime trying to acquire wealth and competing to be recognized among the cree of the society yet they die slowly, painfully and alone. Most cases, these people fail to create relationships with their families as well as with me hence they have nobody to comfort them at their hour of death.

My faithful child, life is full of uncertainties but the certain thing is that this world is not your home. As much as you work so hard to live comfortably and spend your entire life facilitating the same, you are only here for a moment. When you are young, most of your dreams are to study hard and be the best and as you grow older most of your goals revolve around making money and living luxuriously. However, at the twilight of your years, you will realize that material wealth is good but it is very overrated. In most instances, you will be lucky to realize so before it is too late and then you will seek to be associated with me. I am a merciful God and I will overlook the sins of your past and haste to help you. However, today I am encouraging you to make a decision to follow me and make me your Lord for you know not the day or hour when I call you home and by then it might be too late to seek me.

Faith as the Price You need to pay

My precious child, while you are still living, entrust me with everything that pertains to your life and let me be your God. You cannot claim that I have taken charge of your life yet you doubt me and have no faith in me. By allowing me to be your Lord, you proclaim to the whole world that you belong to me hence your actions should reflect so. Do not be a hypocrite who preaches me in public yet they deny my existence in private. I have called you by your name and set you apart for I have a great assignment for you. For you to be exalted in my kingdom, learn to have faith in me. Faith is the ability to keep on moving forward even when it is dark and you are not sure of the next step yet you trust that you will not fall down for I am with you. It is all about remaining calm in the storm and with the assurance that I will calm it down. It is also having the assurance that no

At the end of your life when you have completed your mission on earth and it is time for you to go back, I will give you a share in my kingdom for your life is mine.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“I am the way and the truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

(John 14:6)

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