Today’s Devotional

"Dear child, do not worry too much when damage occurs for I will restore everything to its respective place..."

When spiritual damage occurs

Just like there are losses in a situation where damage occurs, spiritual damage is most likely to affect a believer’s faith and trigger their minds into doubting my abilities and grace. This often results in a loss in my kingdom and it is highly felt. I am the loving father who leaves his ninety nine children and goes to look for the missing child. 

Dear child, the doubts you harbor about me at the back of your mind are capable of destroying your spiritual life and causing spiritual damage to you. Do you see those people who used to proclaim about my goodness a long time ago and at the moment they deny existence? Spiritual  damage happened where they began harboring few doubts about my capability in their minds yet they dismissed the thoughts as harmless. The enemy manipulated them into thinking that I was okay to entertain some doubts about me yet without knowing it, gradually, they lost their faith in me.

When faced with challenges, they never sought my help but instead, they turned to other gods. Just like a damage incident, what began as a mere leak gradually became floods and eventually, the entire building collapsed. Whenever you begin to doubt me, come back to me and speak out your worries and concerns to me. It is natural and okay to be tempted by the enemy into believing that you do not need to turn to me for help yet you will need the courage and faith to face the enemy and let them know that you have given out your power to me to take charge and control over your life.

Whenever you entrust me with your life, I will never allow you to suffer but instead, I will guard you jealously and protect you from any spiritual  damage caused by the enemy.

Seeking Spiritual Damage Restoration

After damage has occurred, restoration is necessary to ensure that things go back to their respective states and normal functioning resumes. Restoration cannot occur if damage never took place in the first place. If damage occurs in a certain household and the owner ignores it, the outcome is that it becomes bigger and it costs the owner more money to do the damage restoration which they would not have to spend if they had reacted immediately.

My dear child, seek me immediately you begin to sense attack by the enemy. Do not wait until the enemy has snatched everything from you that you make the decision to seek me for restoration. I am the omnipotent God capable of granting you victory over the enemies who pursue you yet I am closer and swift to aid those who cry unto me.

Whenever you are broken, do not hide your face away from me or think that I have abandoned me. Instead, be like a wise person who understands that any spiritual attack is an emergency that will automatically result in spiritual damage if not attended to immediately thus they urgently seek  spiritual restoration. Whenever you seek me, I will come to your aid and restore to you everything that you have lost. I will cover your shame and make you shine with my glory on you.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God.”

(Psalms 14:2)

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