Today’s Devotional

"Beloved, do not get away from me; listen to my voice and answer when I call..."

Accepting my call and invitation into my Kingdom

When someone receives an invitation to an event or to someone’s home they have the option of rejecting or accepting. There are various reasons why people decline invitations such as; they may not be in the mood for it, the timing may not be suitable, they may not have a good relationship with the attendees or they could even decline because they have no content on what they will be discussing when they meet. All these reasons are valid yet it does not portray a good image to the one who has sent the invitations. Imagine you had invited twenty people for a party yet only two people honored the invitation. How would you feel? The truth is that you will be disappointed and you might even begin to question your relationship with those whom you had invited. Other times you may end up blaming yourself and feeling inadequate.

My dear child, there are many times I send you invitations to turn to me, and just like people invited to a party, you have the choice to accept or decline. I always get excited and happy when any of my children accept the invitation and make a decision to turn to me. I am a loving father who never gives up on any of his children. It does not matter how many times you keep hanging up on me or declining my invitations, the truth is that I will never cease calling. It bothers me when my children are lost and they are walking in the wrong direction. Like a merciful father, I keep calling them so that they may change their ways and come back to me. My child, I want you to know that I am never going to give up on you and I will keep waiting for the day you finally accept the call and accept me into your life as your Lord and savior for I am a merciful and patient God.

Knowing Me

Whenever somebody receives an invitation, they ought to find out more about the one inviting them. This always has an effect on whether one will accept the invitation or decline it hence if one has a bad relationship with the person extending the invitation, chances are that they will not accept it. On the other hand, one who has a good relationship with their inviter will respond positively to the call or invitation without hesitation. Sometimes when people receive an invitation to an event that they are not expecting, they often wonder what the event may all be about and may be seeking to know hence it affects their decision.

Precious child, I am your regular caller who is ready and willing to keep on sending you invitations to turn to me. It is only through accepting the invitations that you get to learn more about me and immerse yourself in the knowledge about me. You might have heard about me, yet you will never get to experience me if you keep on rejecting my call. Today, I am placing you on a call and sending you an invitation to leave your sinful ways and come back to me. I urge you to decline all the invitations by the world and only accept my invitation for you to acquire a share in my kingdom. Beloved, answer me and respond to my call!

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

(John 10:27)

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