Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, I am the best person to fight all your cases and grant you victory..."

Seek my counsel

Life often catches one in various cases that requires the intervention of other people. However, one requires wisdom and the spirit of distinction to know who are the ideal people to help them in their time of need. Nobody just wakes up and picks out any available person to assist them since the type of person one chooses will determine whether they win or lose their cases.

Beloved, I am a good helper and you should test me whenever you need any counsel. In moments of distress when you feel like life is too unfair to you, present your case to me in prayer. Do not put your faith and hope in your fellow mankind for they will disappoint you but let your case be brought to me for I am the ideal helper to give you legal counsel. There are many times where you feel unsure on the path to embark on in life and in such moments you try to seek the counsel of the people you consider wise. Today, I am appealing to you to seek my counsel. Like an amazing helper, I will grant you the solution you so desperately seek. In me you will find the answers you have been searching for.

You are not unworthy to seek me

When someone criticizes somebody and in future life places them in a position where they need the help of the person they criticized, they may feel embarrassed. More often than not, they often feel embarrassed because they have to beg the people that criticized them. When in such a situation, most people may prefer not to seek help and they would rather suffer in silence.

Beloved, why is it that you are always afraid to seek me whenever you are trapped in sin? Do you not know that I am the omni-present God who sees all you do and there is no place that you can hide away from me? Have I not assured you that I am your father who loves you regardless of the sins you commit? 

Dear child, I see you struggle with sin and it breaks my heart that you are not seeking my help. You do not need to be embarrassed whenever you sin for I am your creator and sin is a part of human nature. However, you need to seek my forgiveness and mercy. Whenever you seek my help, I will cover you with my grace. Like a needy person in need seeking help, seek me and I will not judge you. Be honest to me and I will deliver you from the shackles of sin that the enemy has trapped you in. My grace is forever sufficient for you and through the redemption on the cross, you are free.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Make friends quickly with your opponent at law while you are with him on the way so that you may not be handed over to the judge, and the judge to the office, and you will be thrown into prison.” 

(Matthew 5:25)

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