Today’s Devotional

"Beloved, give your life to me for I am the trustworthy confidant..."

Choosing a friend

Having many friends is not an issue for the real deal lies in finding a true friend who is trustworthy. When one is seeking a reliable friend, they ought to be careful not to end up being deceived by enemies who pretend to be great friends only for them to end up misusing the power of friendship bestowed unto them. Before making the final decision on who is to be your confidant, you need to conduct due diligence on the suitable candidate and find out whether they are the perfect suit for you. Tragedy lies when you nominate somebody to be your friend and you grant them the powers to execute deals on your behalf only to end up discovering that they have betrayed you. Sometimes you discover that if you had conducted due diligence on them, the situation would have been averted. 

Precious one, I have given you the free will to do whatever you want and desire in life. Although it is my deepest desire that you should worship and praise me alone, I have no control over that for you alone can make the final decision. Like someone in search of a friend, it is upon you to determine whom you want to relate with. It would be my desire that you should choose me and allow me to be your best confidant. I am a faithful and trustworthy God who never fails those who put their trust in me. From ages ago, I have never broken my promises to those who put their hope in me. I have always been regarded as a promise keeper and a miracle worker who never goes back on his word. Being your creator, I understand you better than anybody else hence you can be assured that my intentions for you are for your good. Choose me over material things and humanity then you will be sure that you will never regret. I have a good record of being a great friend hence you can be confident that I am the best choice that you seek in the quest for a best friend.

Trusting your friends

Whenever one becomes friends with someone, they grant them access into their life. One fully believes and trusts that their friend will conduct their activities in the right manner hence they do not keep on following them up on each and every little act that they conduct. It would be weird to become friends with someone yet you exhibit trust issues with them. Just becoming friends with someone and allowing them into your life indicates a high level of trust that should not be broken.

Dear child, how many times do you keep praying and calling out to me that I should help you yet you keep doubting that I will come through? Why do you not trust in my assurance whenever I let you know in my work that I will make everything right at the right time? I understand that sometimes you get impatient whenever I delay on giving you a response yet you ought to understand that delay is not denial. I am not deaf to your prayers and in due time, I will give you a response. Trust me as a good friend and let me take full control of your life.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“In God, whose word I praise-in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”

(Psalms 56:4)

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