Today’s Devotional

"The Righteous Give Generously, But The Wicked Borrow And Never Pay Back..."

I Will Pay Your Loan

Taking a Loan can be easy because you have a plan figured out on how you will pay it. However, if the plan doesn’t work you are still expected to pay the loan at the proposed time.  Loans can wear you off and can make you lose much more than you borrowed. Loans come with interest rates, that’s additional money to what you borrowed, and further still, you can be auctioned off the property you have if you fail to pay on time. It is advisable to be cautious about taking Loans, and just do it when it’s really necessary with assured results. 

My child, there are instances you get yourself in situations that are difficult to get yourself out of. Even though the intention of doing it was not bad, they might have drained so much from you. It could be a relationship, where you gave so much of yourself, or a business you focused on but instead, it brought you losses.  Like a Loan that charges a lot of interest rate, you may have ended up giving more than you gained. Though your heart was weighed down by these events, you have become wiser and you are keener on what you are getting yourself into.

Beloved, even through these difficult times where you might have felt a lot of stress and anxiety, I am with you.  Give me these loans that deny you peace and let me help you with them.  Do not be downcast because of material things, do not allow money to be your master. I will heal where your emotions have been hurt. Let me be your hiding place, and I will surround you with songs of deliverance.

Borrow A Loan From Me.

Every person who wants to start a business needs funding, this means that you may need to get extra money to boost it. Getting a loan helps you expand the business. With the ability to get a loan, you are in a position to budget well and be in a better place to achieve your goals. Borrowing a loan is the only option that can help you invest in such large projects and assets. With this cash flow, you can make multiple investments. Once you create a good relationship with a bank, you do not have to worry, because your plans can still be in progress even if you do not have enough money.

My child, it is very difficult for someone to trust you with their money or give you loans in current times. Either they have use for it, or they just want to keep it for themselves. You may have needed help so many times from people to start projects you had in mind, but it is becoming very difficult for you to do so because doors don’t seem to be opening. You may give up on many of your dreams and settle for something that you don’t entirely love doing.

My precious one, come to me for a loan as you would a bank. I will not require you to pay me, but rather abide in me and help my children. Stand on my word and be ready to receive my favor. I invite you to come to me and find value because at all times I will be ready to offer you a hand. Keep on seeking these doors to be opened, as you would seek a loan, knock on this door with faith, because even now I am working for you, believe that.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

(Psalm 34:4)

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