Today’s Devotional

"In The Proper Time, You Will Reap A Good Harvest If You Do Not Give Up..."

Forgive To Move On.

Relationships are not all about bliss and good moments. For any relationship to survive there has to be room for forgiveness.  For it to continue on a healthy note or for you to let it go peacefully without any grudges. Forgiveness is hard in a relationship, especially if you are left without a chance of getting any closure, but where there is existing love, you can choose to talk about an issue and give room for another chance.  A relationship is made to have understanding and love for it to thrive.

My child, in a world that values material things more than good relationships, it is quite difficult to find people who stick by you no matter what. You may have invested yourself in people so much and they may have disappointed you. I know how much it breaks your heart when you are disappointed by someone you love; I have experienced it every day through my children. However, what has kept me going is my love for them, showing them grace, and continually being forgiving. Is this something you can emulate in your relationships?

Forgiveness does not mean not holding the other person accountable, it is choosing to move forward despite the issue. Choose to show more love in your relationships, put anger and pride aside, because they can only kill it. If you are able to forgive, then I too can forgive you, but it is not right to ask forgiveness from me, while you are bitter towards my other children. In either situation, no one can heal until forgiveness takes place, open yourself up to his process.

Relationships Need Understanding.

A relationship needs hard work, and commitment. A healthy relationship doesn’t just happen, when you see one, know that people have worked for it. When you are in a relationship with someone, you have to give a listening ear to them, you have to put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their perspective. You cannot be arrogant, make assumptions, have no time for communication, and expect a healthy relationship.

My precious child, my relationship with you may not be so perfect. There are things you do that leave me wondering if you are invested in it. You may also have assumptions about me that are very far from the truth. However, I am pleased that you seek me and ask for my guidance. You have put your time to understand me through my word, and you have spent time in prayer, and for this, our relationship has been progressive. When you are wrong and come to me with a repentant heart, I have searched your heart and seen the genuineness, I have understood that you live in a sinful world. Even with the temptations you have faced, I have not allowed them to overwhelm you. 

My dear one, come to me with this open heart continually, I will be sure to be there with you. Let us make this relationship grow deeper in truth. You are my child, and I do not want my spirit to grieve because of you, with a contrite heart approach me, because I love humility. When you do this, you will see it translate into your life. I am quick to answer the righteous, with my wing I protect them from trouble. For them and their children, songs of praise and gratefulness will be heard in their homes. Try me on this, and see if I ever leave the faithful.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”

(Proverbs 18:10)

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