Today’s Devotional

"Times And Seasons Belong To Him, He Knows Best When To Make Things Happen..."

Lose Graciously, And Win Humbly.

In a casino, you should win and be humble, or lose and be gracious, because the tables can turn quickly on you. When you decide to play in a casino, you are in for two things, either winning or losing. In a casino, it is advisable to be satisfied with the outcome you get because choosing to spend more after a loss may bring more losses because you are doing it with the wrong motive. Also when you win, it is advisable to be content because overconfidence can make you lose all that money you had won. When you win, you are always filled with happiness, and also failure brings sadness and despair, however, you cannot let it overtake you.

My dear one, just as in a casino, it is best to accept both scenarios in life. You need to understand that there are ups and downs and you need to have the capability of handling them both with patience. You may fear losing some things you love, could be that job, a loved one, or some possessions. Being too attached to things such that you limit my work from taking place is disheartening. Trust the process I am taking you through, and be willing to let me be in control of what is important in your life.

My child, even when you are made uncomfortable by the turn of events, do not let that shift your faith in me. Like a casino player, believe that the situation can change at any time. Let gratitude never leave you even when you don’t have much because a grateful heart opens the door to more resources. Be still and wait patiently for me, do not fret when those around you succeed in their ways, or when they carry out any of their wicked plans.

Keep Practicing Even When You Are Not Good At It.

How many times does one play in a casino before they win? It takes several times before you get your first win, although some may be lucky. In a casino, you cannot get shortcuts to win, and if you do, it has to be well crafted because the casino puts the games in a way that favors them. When you go to a casino, you have to play the games frequently for practice and try to master them. You have to know the tips, regulations, and strategies for you to be the best player. A casino is not a place for people who give up quickly or want to work with shortcuts.

My child, you cannot know everything at once. You may have seen people who have been staunch in the faith and you desire to reach this level of growth. Whenever you slip and fall, you may be beating yourself up about it so much, such that you want to give up with salvation. Being in me, and having the renewal of your mind and character is not a one-day event, but rather a continuous process that happens when we consistently engage. As a casino player, be patient to learn my ways and let my transformation take its course.

Beloved, I am good to those who hope in me, to the one who seeks me, wait quietly for my salvation, and you will be sure to experience it. I see the intentions of your heart and I know how much you strive to act right. With the help of my spirit, I will refine you. Keep practicing even when you don’t know how and you will eventually be a good casino player.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

(Philippians 1:6)

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