Today’s Devotional

"The Lord Intentionally Ignores The Desires Of The Wicked, But Will Not Allow The Righteous To Starve..."

Like Medical Needs, I Know What is Necessary For Your Life.

Most doctors are used to assessing the medical needs of their individual patients. Through professional training and experience, doctors have developed a systematic approach before starting any treatment, to determine which is effective to meet the medical needs of the patients. Such an approach has been missing when assessing the medical needs of a certain population because sometimes the medical needs of an individual may not reflect the wider needs of the community.

My child, before you even ask for anything, I know what you need. You may feel like most people don’t understand you, and you start to create your own world of isolation. You may think the traumas you have gone through are so major that there is no room to totally heal, you may feel lost and find it hard to blend with others. Like how doctors assess the medical needs of their patients, I know what you need in your life, and even if it seems far unachievable, I assure you that eventually, you will be okay. 

Like a medical need, you need love, care, and understanding. Though you may miss these things from people, I urge you to come to me. Reveal all these wounds to me and let me attend to you. Tell me about your history, what really makes you feel lost? what triggers you to that point of feeling frustrated. Like a doctor, hand me these illnesses, they will no longer take away your joy and hope of life. I will take care of you my child and attend to your issue uniquely, just as you are. The people who don’t know me keep trying to get these things without much success, yet I am their heavenly father who already knows what they need.

I Will Meet The Needs Of My People.

The cost of healthcare is rising universally. Over time, the cost of healthcare has risen and is one of the largest sectors in almost all countries. Equally, people have had much more medical needs because of lifestyle changes and the possibilities people have to have a medical condition. Despite the medical needs of people, the available resources for health care are limited.  Many people have inequitable access to healthcare and many governments are unable to provide such care. The medical needs of most people go unattended because they cannot afford the constant services and visits. People’s lives may be shortened or may be having difficulties at some stages because of this lack.

My child, a lot of people go through so many problems. It will sadden your heart when you listen to their struggles. You may think you do not have enough, or you may complain about what you are missing. In the real sense, you are so blessed and you should recognize that.  Like a medical doctor who assesses the medical needs of his patients, I have so many people bringing supplications to me, and there is a never-ending cry for help.

Beloved one, I desire you to take care of others and help them. Recognize their needs and bring a change, no matter how little. I will also meet the needs of my people, like how medical needs may be similar in certain environments, I will lift burdens in areas and I will let hope be in the community. I will raise up people for myself in these areas so that they know there is a God who sees, and analyzes issues keenly, as if they are medical needs, and serves each of his children’s right to befit his purpose.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“All your sons will be taught of the Lord, And the well-being of your sons will be great.’


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