Today’s Devotional

"Fear The Lord And He Will Instruct You In The Way To Go..."

Attend Your Classes With Purpose.

The main goal should be to get the most out of every class meeting you have; that is to learn as much while you are in class since your time is valuable. Attending any class with purpose requires you to be motivated, intentional, and prepared. By doing so, you are far more likely to feel the experience was worth your time and also, the excitement that you are truly learning. Just showing up does not guarantee you will learn anything in a class, you have to be prepared.

My child, it is easy to walk through life with no direction, life itself is a class that you are attending every day.  You may be taking your days casually and you think it is obvious to have the gift of life, but for these days you will be accountable because you have a mission to achieve. There are many things you don’t know no matter what your age is, and you should be ready to learn as much as you can.

The life of man goes so fast, and how many dreams go unrealized.  My child, you do not have to have all the great things to move through life with morale, you can impact lives right where you are. While you are in this class of life, take in the lessons I am trying to teach you, be prepared for new experiences. While you are in this class, you cannot allow fear to overtake you, because then you cannot maximize your full potential.  Surrender yourself to me, and trust that I will be a good teacher to you. The experiences you are going to have through these classes are only those that are for your enrichment and growth.

Be Teachable In These Classes.

Humility can never be replaced with anything. In all classes, you have to be teachable. You have to allow other people to teach you things even if you think they are below you. Sometimes classes get repeated, but you cannot dismiss it just because you have an idea of what is being taught, you have to listen again because there is definitely something new you can learn each time. As a student you have to be ready to ask questions, you have to make follow-ups and try to get a deeper understanding if you want to perform well.

Beloved, when you are so full of yourself, there is very little that can get through to you. You may have gone through a lesson in life and you find it happening again. You may question why you have to retake some classes and have repeated experiences. The inability to learn what I’m trying to teach you takes you there, you cannot understand things from the world perspective, yet I’m trying to make you understand something more worth it.

Precious one, accept that you don’t know everything, it is perfectly okay. Do not be like the Pharisees who pretended to know everything, such that when I was there to lead them, they couldn’t accept that someone else knew more than them. Soften your heart towards me and let me unravel things to you. Be patient in all classes and open your heart to be teachable. Allow my spirit to minister to you and let go of all knowledge you think you know. Be as a child, and take joy in learning all over again, there are so many beautiful experiences and knowledge that you are yet to receive.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”

(Philippians 4:9)

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