Today’s Devotional

"For He Has Made Everything Perfect At His Timing, For His Glory..."

Trust My Timing.

When you go into an emergency room, it doesn’t really matter if you were the first person to be in the room. If everyone else coming after you has more of a need for medical attention than you do, then you are inclined to wait. An emergency room is meant for patients who have life-threatening cases, so you cannot go there with the thought of needing convenience first. The staff in an emergency room are always working, since they are mostly always having patients. If you are not too badly off, you may think they are dragging their feet, it is best to be patient and know that they will attend to you as soon as they can. Sometimes an emergency room is the only option, for people who don’t have insurance and money to pay the medical bill, they will always choose to end up here because they cannot be turned away. Beloved, because you have been in me, you may feel let down when life doesn’t go as smoothly as you would want. Others who were behind you, may move on with their lives and make great improvements while you continue struggling. I know you are a hard worker, and with passion, you work to improve your life. My child, you may have come to me, with all your heart because you knew I could change the situation around. However, just like an emergency room, you will not be served as a first-come, first-served. Do not be weary, my timing serves its purpose.  The wait serves the greater good, to chastise you and increase your trust in me. Though the days may have been dark, I will return what the cankerworm has stolen. I will remember your faithfulness and fill your life with blessings, for you and your children. Have faith in my word, that I am faithful to keep it. Though these blessings may tarry, you will be sure to get them. Find peace within your heart, and be happy for others.

As An Emergency Room Doctor, I Know A lot About Everything.

A doctor in an emergency room is practically a jack of all trades. In an emergency room, you never know who is coming in at any time, an emergency room doctor has to be equally competent with almost all health condition basics. Since the emergency room receives life-threatening situations, the doctor knows how to stabilize things and directs you or where to go after that. An emergency room doctor can stitch up wounds, as well as handle a cardiac arrest or even decompress collapsed lungs. The doctors make quick decisions on what to do and are in charge of delicate stages of people’s lives. My child, many decisions you make are because of the mentality you have formulated. You may notice that you are making trends even when you try to do something differently. You may have dreams you want to achieve, but you do not know the strategies to get you there. Your knowledge may be limited, and your best effort to understand things and change them may be fixed. Your experiences may have trapped you to a certain way of thinking, and how you expect things to turn out. As an emergency room doctor, my knowledge is unlimited, Precious one, allow yourself to trust my will, my word, and timing, because I am all knowing. Though you may not know all the answers, I do. I am swift to come to your aid when you need me, for all your worries, I have the answers. Submit yourself to me in full surrender, and know that I will not lead you off course.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

(Proverbs 3:5-6)

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