Today’s Devotional

"Though You Walk Through The Valley, Fear No Evil, For I Will Guide You Through..."

Like Health Insurance, I Will Safeguard You.

When looking for an ideal health insurance plan, you want to get a plan that will safeguard you and your loved ones under the same policy. You may be vulnerable to illnesses or have dependents looking up to you to ensure that they get the best medical treatment should anything happen to them. Health insurance offers safety even when you do not have enough finances to cover medical bills. With the constantly increasing prices of health care, and also the rising instances in which you can get sick, health insurance has become a necessity. Health insurance provides you with a financial backup that is much needed at times of medical emergencies. Uncertainties and health risks are part of life, even if you cannot know when you will get sick it is best to be prepared financially for it, and one way you can do this is by getting health insurance.

Beloved child, life can bring you situations that are too tough to bear, and hardly are you able to be in control of it. You may be going through loss, maybe of property, a job, or you have started a life journey that is leaving you broken and hurt. Though these situations may pull you down and make it hard to thrive, I will act like health insurance and keep you from being overwhelmed. You pay for health insurance to help you in times of need, because of your love for me, I will swiftly answer your call whenever you are in need.

When you have health insurance, you feel safe, you know that in case of anything you will be taken care of. In the same measure put your trust in me. I will be your stronghold in times of need, precious one, for it is easy for you to despair unless you believe that you will live to see my goodness in the land of the living. Wait for me and be strong, let your heart be filled with courage even when things seem bleak because no matter where you are I am watching over you and keeping you safe.

Claim Your Right As An Insured Child.

Health insurances mostly use a cashless system when claiming service. You can get treated at some hospitals in your region without paying any cash from your pocket. Health insurance allows you to get admitted to one of the network hospitals with which has a connection with your insurer.  Once you inform the insurer about being in a hospital, your health insurance will be used to settle the bill directly.

The single fact of you being my child sets you up to receive blessings rightfully. As my child, there are many promises that you are assured as long as you ask for them and act accordingly. You may wonder why things are not working out and you miss so many things that you desire in your life. The enemy may lie to you, that these blessings are not for you, and that I prefer others to you.

Just as health insurance comes through for you immediately you inform them, so will I when you ask for what I have promised you. Never will you ask me for bread and I will give you a stone. Do not be afraid, I encourage you to come to me boldly and tell me what you want. Like paying health insurance premiums, be faithful and obedient to me. I am quick to listen to the righteous because I am most pleased with their love.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“But the Lord has been my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge.”

( Psalms 94:22)

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