Today’s Devotional

"My Dear One Have I Not Assured You That No Sparrow Falls To The Ground Outside Your Father’s Care, Yet Two Are Sold For A Penny?..."

The Price Is Already Paid.

You may be asking yourself, “will my house sell?”, but what matters most is the condition and the price, usually the price is what matters most. Pricing a house too high is a common mistake because many buyers will flee from that. If your house is for sale, it is best not to look at it from a selfish angle but rather from a fair market value, point of view. If you want to stop wondering if your house will sell, you have to put a price that is comparable to similar homes in the area. How do you know the price of your house is too high?

My child, you have been running away from me, because you think there is a high price you have to pay. You have been telling yourself that I cannot take you back, because you have gotten lost so many times. You have assumed that you have to do something to qualify for my love yet you do not have it.

My beloved child, have I not assured you that the price has already been paid? I died for your sins and I paid for it. Immediately you were called by my name, no one could ever stand to accuse you. My child, remain at peace and abide in me. Let your faith increase because that is all I require from you. Like a seller who has a house that is highly priced, you can never pay me. The price which was too high for you is now fully covered and you belong in my house. Yet because of the pain, I went through, my grace is sufficient for you and no mountain, valley or sin can keep you away from my mercy.

What Is The Condition Of Your Property?

To avoid the, “will my house sell?” question, you have to consider the condition of the house. Many buyers prefer a ready-to-move-in home and few would consider fixing any problems, and even then, they should be just a few. So if your house isn’t in good condition, you will have a smaller number of potential buyers, which will increase the time you can sell in. If the house you want to sell is in poor condition, you may get some unknown repair issues during inspection. 

My child, you are my temple, which should be holy. I have given you responsibility for a property for you to take care of it and make sure it is in good condition. My child, can you say that I will get my house the same way I gave it?  You have had all the freedom to choose and to do what you think is best, can you say that that is what you do? 

I inspect my temple to see if any areas need repair, and I make sure I put it back up in good shape, to make it worth again. My child, though these repairs may be displeasing to you, they have to happen. I have equipped you with everything to take care of my temple, and where your fail, ask me and I will surely guide you and give you more strength. My child, I will always teach you things and bring to remembrance all I’ve ever said to you. Ground yourself in me oh precious child, and you will have an excellent temple in good condition, governed by my laws, which are sure and have abundant peace.

Reflect on These Words Today

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and training in righteousness.”

(2 Timothy 3:16)

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