Today’s Devotional

"Do Unto Others What You Would Want To Be Done Unto You, For This Will Please Me..."

Be A Cheerful Giver.

Currently, in the world, most people have become self-centered and only think about themselves. This self-centeredness denies you the joy you feel when you lift someone else up. Donating to charity lifts up your spirit, and you feel like you are together with others. The awareness that you are donating to someone else is empowering and fulfilling. Making a donation increases activity in the area of the brain that gives you pleasure, which proves that it is far much better to give than to receive. Donating gives you the satisfaction to know that you were able to impact someone else’s life.

My child, most of the time, you may never have enough to even share with others, but it doesn’t mean that you should only share when you have abundance. When you are donating to someone, you may wonder how you will survive later on, and that may make you feel reluctant to give. Saving so much for the future when your neighbor is suffering, shows a lack of faith, and choosing to rely on yourself instead.

I am delighted to see you gladly opening your hands and heart to provide for the needs of my other children, the church, and any other of my creation. Precious one, it is better one who gives little with a cheerful heart, than much with a heart that is filled with pride and unwillingness.  Try to help others, and I will open the flood gates of heaven to fill your stores abundantly such that you will not have a place to keep these blessings. When you donate cheerfully, people are able to see your faith and my power touches their lives, and they know that I will come through for them, in any way, using anyone.

Donating Shows My Love.

Can you think of a time when someone showed you generosity by giving you a donation and you thought, “I can’t believe they did that for me!” Maybe they donated when you were in a financial crisis, you had lost a loved one or you needed any other support. How do these moments make you feel? You most likely felt loved and seen. The donations make you feel valued; you know that someone else cares for you. 

My child, some people can be going through so much struggle in their lives and they keep wondering if I’m there. They may be facing a lot of cruelty, and just a simple donation, which could be food for some days, can restore their faith in me. Do not underestimate the power of donating, because my love should be felt by each of my creations, and this is a perfect way of showing it.

Precious child, when you love someone, you give them. That loving character of being generous and donating comes from me, it also shows your faith and trust which I will surely reward. Donating doesn’t have to be money all the time, but you can share your talents, your time and listen to those who need a shoulder. My child, think of whom you can invest your time into, whom you can encourage, show people that I am here, and I love them so much. You will not lack or strive, because goodness is your portion, and live with trust that I will always take care of you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered.”

(Proverbs 21:13)

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