Today’s Devotional

"I Will Deliver You When You Call On Me On The Day Of Trouble, And You Will Glorify Me..."

I Will Protect What Is Yours As An Attorney.

People hire attorneys to help them in planning. Attorneys protect one’s assets for the future. As people advance or accumulate assets, they are keen to have a plan for what will happen with all they have in the event they pass on. Attorneys make sure that the plans meet all the legal requirements, and their wealth will be shared according to their wishes. Attorneys make sure the wealth is transferred to other members of the family privately and without the need of going to court. They are also able to provide for elderly parents, children, or disabled family members.

Beloved, I know that you continue to work hard to create a good future for those you love. You have committed your work to me and I have seen you do things with integrity. You may worry that maybe someone cannot take care of the results of your hard work as you have been doing. You have experienced people who are quick to misuse your resources and you desire to have people who care.

My child, I will put a wall of protection around you, like an attorney I will take care of your family and property. I have surrounded you with abundance until now, and with every wicked plan set against you, I will use these situations to raise you and show that I am God. You will be a source of great encouragement to those you meet, you will speak of good testimonies as you would for a good attorney, because your life will always be kept safe.

I Will Help You Avoid Problems.

It is better to avoid some issues rather than having to fix them later. When starting a business or reviewing a contract, an attorney helps you understand how to move forward and have a fine print. An attorney helps you have everything in place, to begin with, which will help you avoid problems down the road. Also, an attorney will help you understand all aspects of the deals you are getting into and what you require to have in place before starting a legit business.

How often do you need guidance? My child, the world is filled with so many temptations that appear to be appealing. Often you have started a journey thinking it will end up well for you, could be a relationship or even a business. You have often ended up confused about what made it fail. I am your attorney, and I would want to be part of the journeys you want to embark on because I will show you to avoid loopholes that seem enticing but are not leading you to the right place. 

Like an upright attorney, I will stand by you faithfully, and I will take charge of you. I will intervene in your case and make sure you avoid getting into problems that would have otherwise happened if I was not with you. I will not allow the enemy to tempt you or lead you astray, more than you are capable of taking. Submit to me my precious child, and I will give you the wisdom to see things, far beyond your physical. I will not forsake you when you get into problems, like an attorney, I will come to your aid and give you support, which will always help you endure and overcome. Trust me not to let you go.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

( Psalms 18:2)

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