Today’s Devotional

"When It Is Dark Connect To The Power And Enjoy The Light By The Electricity..."

My child, think about how anxious you would get if your gadget’s power was running out and you had no backup yet you needed the device urgently. In such a moment, you will be running to your source of power to recharge your gadget. Electricity plays a key role whether it is by providing light in the dark or recharging electric devices. It enhances convenience and makes your life easier.

My beloved, I am the light of the world yet there are times you reside in the dark. The challenges you face in life may pressure you to hide in the dark instead of trusting in me, your source of light. Just like electricity, I will always light your world and you will be able to see everything clearly.

Connect To The Socket

When your mobile device goes off, what you do is connect it to the socket using a charger. Even with the presence of electricity in your house, your device will not be powered if you have no charger. A charger is the cord that links your gadget to the socket and facilitates connection and power transfer.

My beloved, I am the electricity in your life and you have to connect to me through prayer and worship. Most of the time you tend to get comfortable because your life has electricity which assures you that you will never have to experience darkness. However, you never realize the importance of a prayerful life until your device begins to give you a “battery low” notification. Do not wait until you feel disconnected and far away from me to realize that you should have connected to the socket.

Turn On The Power

While you live in a house connected with electricity, you will still be in the dark when night falls unless you turn on the power switch. Even with a charger connected to a socket, your device will not power up if the socket remains off. Your food will still go bad in the fridge if you do not turn the power on. 

My dear child, while prayer is the charger to connect your device, faith is the act of turning on your spiritual power. I see you in times where you connect with me, your spiritual electricity, through prayer yet you do not turn on the power through faith. When this happens you remain in the dark in spite of having me in your life. 

Oh faithful one, today I am assuring you that I will always be in your life ready to bring light even when you hide in the darkest corner. However, you must be willing and ready to take up the initiative to plug your soul into me and turn the power on through your faith. When I created you, I had a purpose for you hence I am fully aware of the mission you are to carry out in your life. In moments of darkness, you will be tempted to doubt your abilities which will only be destruction to your mission. Worry not when dusk sets in and do not be consumed by fear for I will protect you. As your spiritual electricity, my light will show you the way you are supposed to follow hence you will never have to go astray.

Reflect on These Words Today:

When Jesus spoke to the people he said, “I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

(John 8:12)

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