Today’s Devotional

"Except To Love Each Other, Do Not Owe Anyone Anything, For He Who Has Loved Has Fulfilled God’s Law..."

Have Immediate Access To Me Like Credit.

Credit is very useful in times of emergency as it allows you to borrow and gives you the flexibility to pay over time. You may need funds but you do not have any at the moment, and credit, even though expensive due to interest rates, will be the best option. Having immediate access to credit though is wholly dependent on your records hence it is best to maintain a good credit stand if you want the continual trust of your credit provider.

So many times, you run up and down seeking help from everyone. You feel the need to please others so that you can get their support. You have relied on people so much, my child, that you have forgotten there is an ever-present immediate help. My child, just because I do not do things exactly how you think they should be done, doesn’t mean I care for you any less. Credit serves the benefit of the company, but what benefit do I serve if not to do you good, my child?

Run to me first whenever you need help, for my understanding is way greater than anyone else’s. I have good plans for your future, and I can guide your every step. Like credit, I will be there when you are stuck and you need help. I will be your immediate help in times of trouble.

My child, I have seen how you have worked on keeping a good record with me, and like a reliable credit provider, I will not let you down. Since you hold unto me I will always deliver and protect you. You have called my name precious child, and I will answer you, I will be with you when you are in trouble and I will always rescue you. Not paying your credit debts can put you to shame, but I will make sure I hide you in grace and show you my salvation.

I Will Extend My Grace.

Whenever you are used to obtaining credit it can be a vicious cycle to get into and a tough one to get out of. Using credit can be avoided by not using more than you can afford to pay at the moment. Many people have been stuck in bad debts because of using their credit cards, and they keep trying to withdraw from using them with no success. If used correctly though, credit cards can help you qualify for big loans you might need.

My beloved child, many times you have struggled to leave habits that have been pulling you behind. There are some things you may have started doing with good intentions, or maybe to release some stress, but like credit, they have extended their claws on you. I have seen how guilty you feel and how much effort you are putting in to live a healthy life. My child, you are not at a dead-end, do not be so hard on yourself. 

My child, my grace is sufficient for you. My grace is there to pull you up from these shackles. That though you may fall, I will be there to lift you and make you forge ahead until you get it right. Credit seeks to entice you with its availability, and I too will be present even in your worst state. I know what potential I placed in you, and I believe you will achieve it, with love and patience.

Reflect on These Words Today

“For the Lord, your God will bless you, as He promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over you.” 

(Deuteronomy 15:6)

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