Today’s Devotional

"I Take Thought Of You, I am Your Helper And Deliverer, And I Will Not Delay..."

My Ways Are Lighter Than Loan Terms.

Taking a loan seems like saving at the beginning, but it can totally limit your life in the long run. Whenever you take a loan, you expect it to have terms and conditions that you must adhere to. These loan conditions can be so strict on you that you don’t experience any flexibility. Failure to honor loan terms has serious repercussions, you may end up losing everything you have without the possibility of a second chance.


My beloved one, I know sometimes you feel like I am too harsh on you when I lay my laws and commands. You tend to feel like I am restricting you from living and enjoying life fully. You may think I don’t understand the ways of the world, and I should let you have more fun. Just as defaulting paying your loan has consequences, so does not following my commands. My beloved, in me you will experience peace unlike when paying a loan. My ways are gentle and full of grace. In case you stumble and fail to obey me, I will give you a chance to try again with my help. I will not be like a loan lender who doesn’t have room for defaulting. My interest is your well-being only.

My precious child, my load is light to carry and it will not wear you down. Once you have a relationship with me, following me will naturally happen in you, and even when you struggle, just as you would when you pay a loan, I will be here to give you the strength to carry on. When you obey my commands, the doors that were destined for you will open, because you have stayed in my will. You are precious to me, and it is my joy to see all your dreams bearing fruit.

You Will Get Better Benefits In Me.

Whenever you are going to borrow a loan, the lenders always make you see the upside of it. Some loans have low interest and allow you to pay over a longer period. You may prefer some loan lenders because you feel they are concerned about you even though giving loans are entirely for the benefit of the lender.


My child, allow me to be your loan lender, even if the only requirement is that you stay faithful to me. My benefits are genuine and long-serving. Never will you lack or despair by following me. Sometimes, I know you question what you will get when you fully allow me in. Your mind has never imagined about the change that I would bring; it is too vast for your mind to grasp. Because I can be a strict father, you think I am not generous with my blessings. The hardships you have faced have made you question me more, but my child, the heavens are filled with abundance, all waiting for you to just ask.

I am not like a loan which you will borrow and be denied. I have promised you, that never will you seek me and not find me. Whenever you are applying for a loan, you try to show them that you deserve it. In the same measure, seek me with all your heart, do not be impartial with me. My precious child, I love you unconditionally and it is my pleasure to see you prosper in all your ways. Whenever my children ask me for fish, I do not give them a stone, I will make sure you are satisfied and never lacking in anything because all this is in the world, I have made.

Reflect on These Words Today

“No one has seen, or heard, or even imagined what wonderful things God has ready for those who love him.”

(I Corinthians 2:9)

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