Today’s Devotional

"All My Works Are Done In Faithfulness, Believe that I Will Light Your Whole Path..."

Like Electricity, Let Me Light Your Path.

Without electricity, you would not be able to see in your home and in the streets during the night. Electricity has been of so much help to you and has allowed you to continue doing your work even when it gets dark. You are not stressed when it gets to the evening since there is the surety that you won’t be lost. The power of electricity has been irreplaceable, and its use has made so much progress around the world.

Dear child, I know sometimes you are at a crossroads and you don’t know what is the right thing to do. You tend to think you are all alone, and you need to plan your whole life yourself. You may think that one single bad decision may change your whole life course, so this makes you afraid of making moves. Like electricity, I light up your path and give you ideas that will never lose you. I have placed hope in your spirit and allowed you to have refreshed thoughts. Even when you stumble and make a bad decision, I will be there to lift you up and return you to the right course.

Living a life without my guidance is similar to walking in a house without electricity, where you will walk recklessly trying to find your way around things. My precious child, I am the way maker and the light in the darkness, allow me to give your life purpose. Put your trust in me, more than you do in electricity, I will open doors for you that you never knew existed. I will direct you out of your troubles and will give you a clear vision of your life. Like electricity, let me be your hope in times of darkness.

Depend On Me.

Electricity is one of the main contributors to economic growth. When electricity is absent, people are totally unable to work. You depend on electricity to do your work, to heat your house, to charge your phone and you have basically never imagined a life without electricity. A day without it in the modern home is a day of trouble and stress. All the appliances and work come to a standstill. 

My precious child, you hardly depend on me that much, sometimes you ask for something from me, and when I don’t fulfill it as fast as you wanted, you are quick to follow other alternatives. As with electricity, your life does come to a standstill when I’m not present. Don’t you believe that I know your every need and I will make sure everything happens at the right time? I am not oblivious that life can be different and hard on earth, let go of this thought. Depend on me on the things that you also think are unimportant and controversial, and you will realize that my sentiments are pure and relatable to you.

My precious child, allow your father to take control. Be my child again and rest in my care. Know that all your troubles are in my control. I will never allow the darkness to engulf you. Though you may be lost, I will find you. Even when you feel purposeless, I will unfold my purpose for you on this earth. I will be your electricity, and I will give you visions for your life. Trust me with your life, and not one time will you regret it. There is a beautiful journey you are yet to experience with me, follow me on this path of righteousness and see.

Reflect on These Words Today

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

(John 1:5)

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