Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Sweet Rest"

Mother Mary’s message for you

 I am so aware of the strenuous efforts you have been making recently. You have been working yourself to exhaustion, so it is not surprising that you have found your way here in search of some peace and quiet today. In addition to this, there is no longer any reason for you to worry about anything at all because you can seek safety in me.


As I always have, I will continue to look after you in this present moment as well as in the future. I am aware of the amount of difficulty that you have been through. Listen to me carefully as I tell you that you do not need to continue feeling this way any longer.I ask that you simply take a moment to unwind so you can clear your head.  Taking care of yourself is not an act of selfishness.

What you need to know

Turn off your thoughts and relax; everything will work out. Mother Mary wants you to unwind. Just go with the flow so you do not impede You are impeding the natural sequence of events by focusing so closely on what you want to happen.


Hand over any issue or problem to Our Lady, and she’ll take care of it. Appreciate your past accomplishments and talents. Instead of worrying about what is to come, why not focus on self-care as well as engaging in things that nourish your spirit? It is crucial for you to just relax and to have more fun.

Prayer for healing

Our Lady of Sweet Rest, hear my prayers as I ponder on your devotion to your children here on earth. Your help relaxes my mind, body and spirit. You soothe me when I am worried. You defend me always with a serene, strong spirit. I have discovered love both inside myself and in you, my Mother,


The most potent energies in our universe are love and compassion for one another. Teach me every day how to be more like you as I embrace humanity in spite of its faults. I feel supported by you to be the change in the world that I wish to see. In the name of everything that is pure and merciful, please make it so that this comes to pass!

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