Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Soul Birth"

Mother Mary’s message for you

Although you may have felt alone at times, this has never been the case, my dearest one. We’ve never been apart – not even for a second. I’m pleased when you’re happy. I mourn together with you as you cry sad tears. I’ve held you in my loving arms throughout your travels. Believe that nothing will ever be able to alter this. You’re always secure with me!


My child, I adore you for who you are. Because I am your mother, you can be free with me. When you’re upset with yourself, it affects me as well. Similarly, I am ecstatic when you adore your life! So, love yourself, care about the world, and keep loving me. You are the source of light that this world requires to prosper. Always keep this in mind!

What you need to know

The soul’s journey is never simple or easy. There are the happy times and the not-so-good periods to contend with. However, there is always an upside despite all of the pain, sorrow, regret and anxiety.You are the lovely human you are because of your sense of pure joy, pleasure, and happiness. And, you should respect both your experiences and yourself because you are the sum of both.


It is solely through being complete that we become able to allow the divine to express itself through us. As a result, it’s critical to open your heart and spirit to Mother Mary and all the glorious gifts she intends to give you in order to live to the best of your ability. Have confidence that you will be an agent of her grace as a result of this!

Prayer for healing

Calm your mind and envision yourself drenched in the brilliant glow of Mother Mary. You may sense absolute love and happiness encircling you. You’re both laughing at the same time, savouring every lovely moment! This is unquestionably delightful.


Say when you are ready, “Beautiful Mother, shining brilliant with your divine compassion, we are both one together! Stay by my side through all I do. Give me whatever I need to become the absolute best version of myself. I beg you to shower your nurturing light and love on my spirit at all times!”

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