Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Soul Birth"

Mother Mary’s message for you

We have never been apart, despite your fears, my darling one. You see, as you evolve, so do I. I struggle when you struggle.   I celebrate when you are happy. When you rage and weep, I rage and weep as well. Your journey is also my own. Therefore,  I am constantly at your side. We can’t be separated.


I embrace every aspect of you and your path. There’s really nothing to conceal from me because I am a part of your life. You reject me when you reject aspects of yourself. You love me when you love yourself. Love me, dear child, love yourself, and your dazzling soul will blossom into light upon our earth.

What you need to know

The soul’s path is a difficult one. Experiences with beings of  light, genuine love and celestial joy are all part of it. However, negativity, worry, uncertainty, humiliation, shame, sadness, wrath and pain are aspects of it too.  In order to be fully complete, we must experience both happiness and misery. 


We can only enable the divine presence to emerge through us in the way it chooses, according to their greater plan. So, the more accepting we are of life, even when we don’t understand it, the more we may allow our soul to guide us towards our divine destiny. We bypass the difficulties established by our intellect when we allow our spirits to lead us which can only be a good thing!

Prayer for healing

Calm your mind and visualise yourself bathed in Mother Mary’s brilliant radiance. You will begin to sense perfect happiness and love encircling you. You’re both laughing at the same time, savouring every lovely moment! This is undeniably joyful.


When you feel ready, say the following, “Magnificent Mother, shining brilliantly with your celestial beauty, we are both one together.  Stay by my side through all I do. Provide me with whatever I require to become the absolute best. I humbly request you to shower your nurturing love and strength on my spirit at all times!”

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