Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Nourishment"

Mother Mary’s message for you

Do you feel the pains of hunger deep within your soul, my beloved one? You may have been feeling as though you were starving for a long time. However, I am here to bring you the sustenance you so desperately need. Even though you have been feeling ‘cut off’ from many aspects of life that you once enjoyed, I am here to let you know that everything will be well soon.


My divine presence is with you so that you never lack anything you need ever again. Look within yourself because it is there that you will find me. I am alive within you. I have always loved you. My heart is your heart. My love is your love. I will feed your spirit so that you are always well nourished, happy and completely content!

What you need to know

Actual physical hunger is painful – we all know that. There have no doubt been many times throughout your life when you have felt like you really needed to get something to eat. Your stomach may even have been sore with that horrible nagging empty feeling that just won’t go away until you get some food into you. Interestingly, when your spirit is hungry, you feel a similar sort of gaping hole inside.


Thankfully, Our Lady of Nourishment is with you today to impress upon you that your hungers will be met. Perhaps you are not even sure what these hungers are. However, Our Lady will lead you towards what your soul longs for. Simply ask her for her help and guidance and she will be right there for you.

Prayer for healing

There are many ways to pray for healing. Today we focus on one. So, sit quietly in a warmly lit room. Perhaps you can wrap a soft blanket around you for added comfort as you ask Our Lady to help you in every way you would like her to. As you sit, concentrate on breathing in and out calmly. Feel yourself being re-energised as you take these breaths. When you feel ready, you can say the following prayer:


“My dearest Mother Mary, I give thanks for your unconditional love and care. You know and accept my deepest desires and hungers. Therefore, I humbly ask you to nourish these as you make me whole so I can better serve you in every way I can. May my light shine like a beacon of hope to inspire others to give glory to your name. Amen!”

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