Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Love"

Mother Mary’s message for you

As I draw you closer today, I envelop you with the never-ending care that I have for you. You are completely free of anxiety and concern about the future because I am at your side. I urge you to  put all of your uncertainties to rest and tear down the barriers that you have constructed around yourself for such a long period.


My heart is the same as yours. The essence of my love is found in you. Together, our  hearts are filled with nothing but compassion, peace and hope for a better future. I implore you, open the floodgates of devotion to me. Give me permission to reveal everything about myself to you. Our generosity will overflow throughout the globe as we work together! Love should be the driving force behind all you do. Let this affection permeate all that you touch.

What you need to know

Our Lady is asking you to love totally. Allow this to be all you think about as you let the universe connect with your heart. Yes, you have felt pain in the past. You might still be hurting right at this moment. However, Our Lady is showing you how to love once more with a heart full of possibilities and pureness. 


You are being urged by Our Lady of Love to search your soul for the refuge that will allow you to live a happy life. She asks you to only spend time with positive people and those who are worthy of your compassion. Your energy is easily depleted by negative people and situations.

Prayer for healing

Imagine that there is a lovely spectrum of protecting light all around you. You are immune to all harm from this point forward. Get used to the safety and security provided by this shield so that you can rely on it whenever you have a problem. Take pleasure in how you now feel. Make sure to record all that you are feeling in your mind. 


Say the following prayer after you have reached a state of perfect calm, “My Most Holy Mother, your love for me is unbounded and unrestricted. Your illumination has a regenerative effect on me. Please help me to make room in my heart for love to enter in through your kindness. May its life-changing energy completely transform me and everyone around me in the most positive of ways!”

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