Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Holy Fire"

Mother Mary’s message for you

You know, my dear one, a s you read this, I’m starting a sacred blaze within you. In order to experience the fullness of life, one must be driven by emotion. Relationships, activities, issues and more may all pique your eagerness right now. It is my hope that through honouring a greater goal, you will remember to respect me as well.


Respect me despite the fact that you may feel as if everything you hold dear is vanishing in front of you or as if you are trapped in darkness. Allow me to be the light that guides you back to the correct road. My job is to help you learn how to express your feelings despite what happens in your life. Inspire anyone who comes into contact with you to radiate with beautiful pure light!

What you need to know

It is a fact of life that we’re driven to meaningless alternatives when we lack inner fire. How often, for instance, have you wished that you were involved in a “flawless” partnership with your “dream” person? How many times have you been frustrated and upset when it did not materialise, or even if it did, you found that it did not live up to your expectations?


In order to have the feeling of being totally linked with your own heavenly fate, you need to let your soul mingle with the divine. So, if you want to feel completely satisfied, you have to find a way to connect with something that is bigger than your own requirements and needs.

Prayer for healing

Our Lady Of Holy Fire is a protector for those with an intuitive spirit, who seek to engage with the divine essence in an authentic way. These people are  more curious to learn about God’s existence than taking over the world through power games and manipulative manipulations. These souls crave spiritual enlightenment and the elimination of all that they know is not essential. You are one of these people.


In light of this, this prayer can allow you to connect with the Holy Mother, “Mother Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Fire, shower me with your loving strong wisdom. Help me burn with the fire of honesty and integrity that others may follow a similar path!”

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