Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Holy Fire"

Mother Mary’s message for you

In order to truly live, you must shine brightly, evolve and aspire to a greater cause. Even if it appears that something cherished is beginning to fade or that which you have put your faith in is disappointing you, I ask that you heed my guidance. 


Even if you currently feel  deceived or shattered, I ask that you remain available to me. For those who love me and are able to love the world, living with an open attitude is a privilege. Just as a heavenly fire burns inside me, it is now igniting within you, my beloved!

What you need to know

If we are lacking spiritual fire, we are susceptible to being seduced by less fulfilling alternatives. It is possible that we long for a dream partnership that never completely materialises, or perhaps does for a brief period of time before exposing itself to be far less meaningful than we originally thought. Perhaps we  long for a high-paying career, only to discover that even if we achieve it, we’ll never be completely pleased.


The remedy to this is that we must be open to allowing our passions to fire for something higher than our own personal needs if we are to feel truly linked to our own heavenly fate. Doing this isn’t easy, but there’s no better approach to get what you want than this.

Prayer for healing

My dear Mother Mary, I ask that you guide me to connect with my inner passions. My spiritual fire needs to burn brighter than ever before. I make my peace with past decisions and events that were not for my highest good as I praise your holy name over and over!


Our Lady of Holy Fire, please support my decision-making and prospective plans by helping me to embrace you. Let me put my trust in you instead of solely depending on my own shaky grasp of the world. My Mother, help me to see clearly where I need to go in my life. As I surrender to you, I trust that you will guide my steps in the knowledge that following your lead is always the greatest choice!”

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