Today's Mother Mary Card Is...


Credits: “Mother Mary Oracle” | Author: Alana Fairchild | Artwork: Shiloh Sophia McCloud | Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

"Our Lady of Answered Prayers"

Mother Mary’s message for you

Have faith, my child, that your prayers are being heard and answered. Bear in mind though that things may happen for you in a different way to what you may expect. Be confident that better days are ahead because you will have exactly what you need at the completely right time too.


I will always be here for you to answer your prayers when you need me to. You are never alone. You will always have me by your side. You can rely on me and on my great inner strength to imbue you with everything you need in order to succeed in your endeavours.

What you need to know

It is essential to grasp the significance of prayers that go unanswered in addition to those that are granted a response. When we hand over our ambitions, aims, expectations and wishes to a higher power, we often don’t consider the grander scheme of things. Because of this, our prayer that went unanswered can potentially turn out to be a gift.


Angels regularly reply to our prayers by imparting thoughts or information to us in ways that are actually rather unremarkable. The angels recommend that you keep a journal in which you record all that you perceive, consider, think and feel so that you become more in tune with and aware of your feelings. Also remember to watch  out for help coming your way and be sure to acknowledge and appreciate it when it does. You have every right to receive this assistance.

Prayer for healing

Maintain concentration on your breathing while you recite the following, “Dearest Mother Mary, I ask that you shower your love and devotion onto me so that I may have the opportunity to take a different path to happiness. Now more than ever, transformation and movement preoccupy my mind.” 


“I am fully prepared to complete your mission here on earth in order to bring honour to your name at all times! I offer up all of my worries, concerns and anguish to you, Our Lady. I will not let them hold me back. I am confident that I can always count on you because I have found a safe haven in you!”

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