Today’s Devotional

"Faith Without Action Is Like A Car Running Out of Gas and Trying To move..."

Any driver who drives a gas vehicle understands the need to constantly check the gas level while traveling to ensure they do not run out of gas in a remote area far from a gas station as they will be stuck. 


My dear child, life is a journey you must take and faith is the gas that will keep you moving. However, just stating that you have faith is not enough as it has to be accompanied by actions. You might encounter people who claim to be believers and they speak highly of their unending faith in God yet their actions portray otherwise and it becomes ironic. Do not be like the hypocrites but let your faith be visible through your actions. When this happens, you will be like a vehicle with gas and through your acceleration in life, you will not need to explain to others that you have sufficient gas for it will be visible.

When You Run Out Of Gas

In some instances, a driver might be so occupied and distracted that they forget to check the gas level until they get somewhere and the vehicle stops. Often the driver might wonder why they were so careless yet on normal occasions this never happens to them. They are likely to blame themselves for the situation they are in and in case the vehicle has other people, they blame the driver and complain that he/she should have been more careful.

Dear Faithful One, sometimes the troubles in life distract you and just like the driver forgetting to check the gas level, your faith in me begins to wane even without your notice. It could begin with simple acts such as doubting my capability in your life and this happens when you doubt your talents. I have created you with talents that make you a unique being capable of making a great change in the world yet you begin to doubt your potential anytime you receive criticism. While you are expected to accelerate since I have provided you with sufficient gas capable of lasting you through your entire life journey, your doubts only mean that your gas is leaking and it will not last you the journey and just like the driver,you may end up finding yourself in a state where your vehicle has stopped. Dear one, do not wait until you have run out of gas that you wish you had refilled earlier.

Time To Visit The Gas Station

When a vehicle runs out of gas, it does not mean that the journey is complete or the vehicle cannot be used again yet it indicates that the vehicle requires to be refilled with gas so that it can move again. 


My dear child, why is it that when you face troubles you feel like it is the end of the world for you? You become too depressed and complain that I have abandoned you yet you never seek me. Today I am giving you an assurance that the difficult times you face are not meant to last forever. They do not indicate that you have failed but in those moments you are just a car that has run out of gas in the course of its journey. The solution is to seek me for I am the gas station ready to refill you with new faith that will help you to continue smoothly with your journey.

Thoughts To Reflect on Today:

“Just as the body without the spirit is dead, faith without action is dead”

(James 2:26)

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