Today’s Devotional

"I will guide you in everything you do. Trust and have faith that nothing is impossible with me. I shall open huge possibilities for you and grant you victory..."

Build and trust your career with me.

My child, trust that I shall give you the understanding and wisdom you require to build your career. I shall open up your understanding as a lawyer that shall help you acquire all the knowledge and education. I shall guide you in your career journey and grant you success. No power or evil formed against your career shall prosper. I shall protect your success and keep blessing you. Whenever you feel that you are overwhelmed by your cases as a lawyer, call unto me for strength and courage. At those times that you feel that you are at the verge of losing a case and feeling like giving up, look up to me and I shall give you the hope that will get you through. Believe that I shall grant you victory and by your faith, so it shall be.

Serve the Lord with your career as a lawyer.

My child, let your career be one that honors and worships me. Use your lawyer career to serve me by helping innocent people get their justice. Standing by the earthly law and protecting it is protecting goodness and shunning evil which is therefore serving me since all law was given and created by me. Utilize the ability I have blessed you with and the authority to defend and protect the law by helping others get their justice. If you genuinely serve the law as an honest lawyer then be assured that I shall always grant you victory. Refrain yourself from bad vices such as corruption that exploit others.

Pray for guidance from God by asking for discernment and wisdom.

My child, as a lawyer you are required to seek me always so that I may guide you. I shall give you the discernment and wisdom to determine the genuine nature of the case brought into your hands. Place the case into my hands before handling it so that I may guide you and walk with you in courage and in wisdom. I shall protect you against harm and grant you victory.

Comfort others and give them hope in times of hardships and trials.

My child, be a ray of hope to others in times of their trials and hardships. As a lawyer that is one of your biggest responsibilities, to comfort and give them hope of achieving victory. I will give you immense strength to help you when burdening yourself with other people’s burdens. That strength will give you composure and hope which shall in turn reflect hope to your clients. Comfort and give them the assurance that everything will be alright by my power and grace. Assure them of victory by my power and I shall not fail you dear one. I will grant you the courage to be other people’s rock and refuge.

Be other people’s advocate and lawyer in the presence of God like Jesus was.

Dear one, just like you advocate for others as a lawyer in a court of law, advocate for others to me as well. Bring others to my presence by advocating for them through interceding and praying for them on their behalf. Pray that they shall receive peace through the forgiveness of their sins. Pray that they may live a righteous life by opening their hearts and souls to me so that they may receive the salvation and redemption of my son Jesus Christ.  Advocate for my law like my son Jesus Christ did. Teach of my law and teachings as well. Protect and defend my law and teachings and preach of the rewards for those who follow it.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

(Proverbs 31:8-9)

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