Today’s Devotional

"I am a God of love. Love one another and treat each other with kindness and compassion. Relate and treat each other like how I treat each one of you..."

Strive to build a strong and healthy relationship with me your Father

My child, there is no other relationship that should be greater than the one you share with me. Strive to create a strong relationship by obeying my commands and living in accordance to my will. The relationship you have with me cannot be compared to any relationship with people like friends, spouses and family for unlike people, my love never changes. 

In human relationships, there is betrayal that is caused by broken trust and that is why I encourage you to put our relationship first for I shall never fail or betray you. I shall neither leave nor abandon you. Strive to gain a personal relationship with me through prayer and accepting my word. Confess and repent of your sins to make you acceptable to me. Sin is what creates a barrier between us and separates you from me. However, I have created an opportunity for you to fix your relationship with me through my son, Jesus who died so that your sins may be forgiven and receive redemption and salvation. Any other relationship that does not encourage you to build your relationship with me, depart from it. A healthy relationship with other people is one that brings you to me and builds your relationship with me. Accept the Holy Spirit as your friend, guide and helper and you have the guarantee of having a strong bond and relationship with me.

Trust me with your relationships with others.

My child, trust me with your relationships for I shall grant you the wisdom and discernment of knowing which relationship to maintain and which to walk away from. Bring all your relationships to me. For instance, marriage, this is an institution that is sacred and was created by me. Therefore whenever you choose a partner, turn to me, pray so that I may reveal to you whether that is the right partner for you. Trust that I shall grant you with the gift of wisdom and discernment that will help you determine what is right from what is wrong. And if you successfully manage to get married, pray that I shall bless and protect your union. Bring your families to me. Pray that I may bless your family and always keep you together. I will protect your family bond and relationship from breaking. Trust that I shall help you in building relationships with friends that shall help you grow in your life journey. Friends that will bring you closer to me and help you build life success.

Love your enemies

An enemy kind of relationship is one naturally inspired by bitterness, jealousy and hatred. Pray for you enemies as I have so said in my scripture. Do not wish ill on your enemies rather pray that they may have a long life so that they may witness how I shall bless you. Be kind and compassionate to your enemies as I so demand and your reward will be great. If you are hurt by an enemy, pray that I may grant you strength to forgive those that do you wrong. 

Express the character of God when dealing with relationships.

I am love. Your salvation is an exhibition of my love to you. You should therefore treat each other with love. Be kind to one another like I am kind to you. Help each other in times of troubles. Do not be led by jealousy, bitterness, pride, anger, hatred and other bad virtues. Do not wish evil upon each other but be of a pure heart and pure intentions. Pray for one another and lift each other up. Protect and take care of one another. Be compassionate with each other like I am compassionate with all of you. Do not discriminate but love all.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor.”

(Romans 12:10)

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