Today’s Devotional

"My child, do not give in to the ways of the world. Pray that I may protect you from falling into temptations and evil. Seek my light and glory at all times..."

Love God above money and all worldly materials.

My child, do not conform to the ways of the world. Casinos are places where people go to gamble with money in search of more money which is by luck or chance. Do not allow the love of money to corrupt you and turn you away from me. Do not devote yourself only to the ways of the world and forsake me. 

Dear one, it is impossible to serve two masters at the same time, one must suffer. Devoting yourself to the worldly ways will be like gambling with your life as you gamble and play with your money in casinos. Trust me child; turning to the ways of the world and denying yourself my glory will be gambling and playing with your life which is not safe. Gambling and playing with your lives as you do in casinos is unsafe because you will be sinking into the darkness too deep to a point no one can save you. Failing to acknowledge me will have you living a sad depressing life tainted by sin and evil. I will not gamble or play with your life for I shall fulfill all my promises to you unlike in casinos where is not guaranteed for a win. I will give you a life full of happiness, great wealth, and health. Therefore, embrace me and love me above all worldly things for I am the truth and the light.

Trust in divine providence

My child, what are you lacking? Do you not know that I am the source and provider of all things? Engaging in activities that take place in casinos advocates for luck and chance while it disregards my divine providence. Do not sink into the ways of the world and forsake that I am the provider of all things. Do not rush into casinos in search of more money by gambling the little you have. Turn to me in times of financial constraints for there is no challenge that is too great for me. I shall provide for you and get you out of your struggles. Casino activities do not guarantee provision. You might gamble in the hopes of winning in casinos but run out of luck and lose everything. So therefore trust and have faith in me that I shall provide for you. Be patient and wait on my grace and power to work for you through divine providence.

Avoid temptations and evil.

Casinos affirm luck and chance and disregard hard work. It affirms that one can get so much without working hard for it. My child, engage in hard work to achieve anything you want. Remember that I created work and so I encourage you to engage in it. Dear one, do not allow the ways of the world to corrupt you and disregard what I have taught and demanded.

People often use gambling and playing in casinos to exploit others and covet. I have condemned coveting and exploitation. Casinos encourage sin and evil. Therefore, avoid casinos to avoid temptations and sin. My child, it is a sin to be greedy and covetous. Activities undertaken in casinos may bear greed as it creates an urge and addiction for money. The love for money creates greed and that is why you should not allow yourself to love money and fall short of my glory. Seek me and my glory to perform miracles for you.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with pangs.”

(1 Timothy 6:10)

A faithful man will abound with blessings, but whoever hastens to be rich will not go unpunished.

(Proverbs 28:20)

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