Today’s Devotional

"Turn to me in times of difficulties; I shall be your guide and make a way for you. I am always with you and I will deliver you from your struggles. Lean on me and not on your own strength..."

Honor me with your wealth.

Gambling involves betting with your money and the two possible outcomes are either win more money or lose it all. My child, instead of using your money in gambling activities, use your wealth to honor me. Honor me by offering your money to fund activities that please me such as building churches and funding church activities. Use your wealth in my service and I will be sure to bless you more abundantly. Gambling does not guarantee you money provision as it involves risk of losing everything whereas using your wealth in my honor guarantees more provision and blessings. Invest your wealth in me through tithes and helping others.

Invest time serving me.

Most time is used and wasted while engaging in gambling activities. Invest less time in gambling and learn how to invest your time serving me. Set out time from your day every day schedule to serve me. It might involve praying and reading the bible. Set aside time to visit my house to worship and praise me. Spend your time helping the needy and the less fortunate in society. Do not invest your time in worldly ways that will most likely lead to sin. 

Use your wealth to serve me and humanity.

Too much wealth and money is lost while engaging in gambling as it involves loss as a risk. My child, instead of engaging in gambling that might see you losing your money, use it wisely by helping others in the society. Serve others with your wealth by helping the needy and less fortunate in society. Use your wealth to provide assistance to other people in times of their financial struggles. Bless others with your wealth as I the Lord bless you. By helping the less fortunate you shall receive more blessings from me.

My child, engage in activities that honors and glorifies me. Gambling will create a love for money which will nurture greed for money. Gambling involves exploitation and coveting which are against my commandments. Greed, exploitation and coveting are all considered evil in my eyes and according to my word. Engage in activities that enhance and nurture spiritual growth. Avoid activities that encourage sin as they will ruin your relationship with me and lead you into the darkness. Do not allow the enemy to deceive you and have you involved in unholy activities for the love of money. Love me above all worldly things. Do not devote yourself to the ways of the world and dishonor my word and commands. Live a righteous life and engage in activities that glorify me.

Trust in the Lord for providence

My child, trust in my providence, believe and have faith that I shall provide for you in times you are struggling with your finances. Do not turn to gambling but turn to me first. Learn to seek me at all times despite the nature of your problems. I shall help you through your financial struggles and provide for you. Worry not for I shall provide for you.

Financial struggles may leave you in desperate situations where you turn to gambling in a bid to search for a solution. My child, instead of seeking solutions in gambling, seek my assistance through prayers. Prayers will be how you communicate your financial struggles to me and I assure you that I shall come to your rescue. Seek refuge in me during your financial struggles and I shall make a way for you to see you out of your struggles.

Reflect on These Words Today:

He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this is also vanity.

(Ecclesiastes 5:10)

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