Today’s Devotional

"Just like a computer requires efficient software to run and operate perfectly, that is how you require grace and power for your system to operate perfectly..."

Avoid and get rid of the virus that corrupts your software

Dear one, the virus that corrupts your system is sin. Repent and confess your sins to lead a lifestyle that is free from sin. Accept and give your soul to Jesus Christ for He gave up his life to free yours from the bondage of sin. A sinful life attracts sorrow, darkness, and suffering. Avoid a sinful life and turn to me and I will grant you healing from your suffering and darkness. I will get rid of the virus that affects your software and reset your system. I will give you a happy life full of abundance and joy.

I am your software engineer and I shall repair and maintain your software system

My child, I will repair you and restore the effective operation of your system. I will wash away all your sins and fix all that has been damaged and destroyed in your life. Come to me and I shall grant you eternal healing and recovery. Accept me as your software engineer and I shall keep you from damage and provide you with maintenance. I will be your anchor and I am going to grant you the strength and courage to fight against all that comes your way to bring upon destruction in your life. 

As your software engineer, I will fight all those viruses (evils) that are meant to destroy you. You shall be a conqueror by my grace and power. While earthly technical engineers only fix the software in your computers, I focus on fixing your mortal and immortal software. Every service offered by the professionals is by my divine providence therefore I require you to put your hope, faith and trust in me as you do in the earthly technical engineers.

I promise to fix the errors and viruses that slow down or halt your system. I will save your soul from sin. I will bring merry and prosperity into your life. My child, you shall receive the gift of eternal life if you accept me as your savior through Jesus Christ. Your soul and heart shall rejoice in the Lord because of how I shall bless you. You shall enjoy all the greatness that is in the Kingdom of God.

Visit the church and pray always for software maintenance.

Learn and adapt a routine to visit my house always because it is there that you shall receive my word that will guide you and help you in living a righteous life. Feed your heart, mind, body and soul on my word to receive nourishment in all aspects of your life. That way dear one your system (life) shall run smoothly and perfectly. Build your faith and trust in me, remember that I am always here for you so make and create time to visit my house and receive my word. My word will guide you in your day to day life.

Spread and preach to others on the lessons and knowledge acquired in my classes.

Chosen one, spread the gospel and preach my works and the miracles performed through my grace and power. Let me be known to everyone for you all are my child. Preach to others of my loving and forgiving nature. Teach others the importance of repenting and praying for forgiveness. Inform others of the fulfillment in my kingdom. I shall guide you in this mission and send the Holy Spirit to open people’s eyes and hearts to your truth.

Pray often.

Dear one, learn to pray always for prayer will always recharge you. In those times of weakness and darkness, prayer shall give you strength and power over your troubles. Prayer will boost your software and recharge it. It is through prayer that you shall find the light in the darkness. Pray unto me child and I will come to your rescue. The spirit of the Holy Spirit shall walk with you and intercede for you. Always lean on and rely on prayers.

Reflect On These Words Today

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Romans 6:23)

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

(Psalm 34:17)

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