Today’s Devotional

"Enroll in my classes for they will shed knowledge and education on how to live a life that pleases and glorifies me as well as guide you on your path to achieving an eternal life..."

The Holy Trinity is your best teacher.

Dear child, receive the Holy Spirit for He shall be your helper and guide. He will be your teacher and offer you free classes on how to elevate and achieve spiritual maturity. He shall guide your spirit into my light and grant you the strength and courage to overcome your enemies. He will educate you on how to live in accordance with my commands. 

Beloved, do you remember that Jesus Christ was referred to as a teacher in the Bible? He offered many lessons and classes to random groups everywhere He visited so that He would make me known to people through His teachings. Accept Jesus into your life and He will be your best teacher as well. His teachings, classes and lessons will guide you to eternal life. He shall grant you peace by reconciling you with me. 

Accept me and my word, follow my commandments and live in accordance to my will and these will be the classes that will grant you the best success in your life. These lessons will guide you on how to relate with me. Your faith, trust, and bond with me will be strengthened by classes and lessons offered by the trinity.

In my classes, the bible is the course text.

The Bible was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit and it is an evident text of my graces, power, mercy, and love. Unlike in the earthly classes that use many different texts and books with different content, different messages, and different authors, in my classes, you are guided and educated through my words in the Bible. 

Dear one, the Bible will grant you wisdom and lessons that will guide you in your life. Keep my word close to your heart for it shall guide and protect your relationship with me. It will teach you how to relate with others and provide you with strength during those times of weakness. You shall find comfort and happiness in my word. The Bible will provide you with the best classes. Just like you sit for examinations to test on the knowledge you have acquired in the earthly classes, you shall be tested in life as well and the scriptures shall guide you. The enemy will test your faith in me through temptations but fear not for there are lessons and teachings from my word to help you overcome.

Classes that lead to an everlasting and eternal reward and success

Knowledge and education gained in the earthly classes will equip you with the skills required in a certain field of career. My child, those classes will equip you with the knowledge and education that will guarantee you a great life with a successful career. Nevertheless, my classes are the most rewarding. I will bless you with an everlasting fulfilled life. Strive to acquire, accept and follow my teachings and I shall glorify you. I will grant you the greatest success and reward of all, a happy life in all eternity.

Spread and preach to others on the lessons and knowledge acquired in my classes.

Chosen one, spread the gospel and preach my works and the miracles performed through my grace and power. Let me be known to everyone for you all are my child. Preach to others of my loving and forgiving nature. Teach others the importance of repenting and praying for forgiveness. Inform others of the fulfillment in my kingdom. I shall guide you in this mission and send the Holy Spirit to open people’s eyes and hearts to your truth.

Reflect On These Words Today

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding;”

(Proverbs 2:6)

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