Today’s Devotional

"I will breathe life into what the enemy has destroyed and brought destruction upon. I will help you recover all that has been lost to the enemy..."

Rejoice for everything that happens in your life is to serve my purpose

Dear child, I have a purpose for you. I am the source of your life. Everything you do in your life must serve my purpose. I see all that troubles you and burdens your heart. I see all the suffering and storms in your life. It is at those times you wonder whether I have abandoned you. You feel like I have given up on you. I tell your dear one, I see it all I ask is that you trust that I shall come to your rescue. I shall reveal myself to you in those times of darkness when you feel helpless, weak and tired of your troubles I shall come to your rescue. At those times, turn to my word and pray for my wisdom to guide you. My purpose is far greater than your own happiness, dreams and ambitions. Always remember to call unto me for guidance, I will guide you out of the darkness. All the storms in your life are temporary and are meant to strengthen your faith in me.

I will be your healer and grant you recovery.

Dear child, I see all that you struggle with. I see your suffering and hear your cries. I will bring you healing. I will heal you from all that has broken you. The enemy has not succeeded for as though he has broken you, you are not defeated. I will pick you up, heal you and grant you victory. I will give you recovery. Whatever has been lost, I will recover it for you and multiply it. So I tell you dear one, do not lose faith in me and believe that I will heal you and grant you recovery from all that has been lost and the destruction. You belong in my light and the enemy has no power over you. Have faith in me and victory and recovery shall be your portion.

Divine spiritual healing and recovery.

Dear one, there is no happiness in sin. Follow my law and commandments. Live wisely, righteously, and by my word then recovery of the lost things to the enemy shall be granted. There is great sorrow and suffering in living a sinful life. Neither you nor the church has the power to bring spiritual healing to your soul but that can only be accomplished by the Lord. Seek healing for your soul for a soul tainted with sin is not a happy soul. Change your lifestyle and live a life that honors me and that way you shall receive a happy life.

I will grant you healing and recovery from all that affects your health

Not only am I your divine and spiritual physician but your physical health physician as well. I will grant you healing and recovery from all the illnesses that affect your health. Your task is to accept and by faith receive healing and recovery.

My child, I see that addiction that you are struggling with and the many ties you desire recovery from it yet you are trapped. Choose change for I see how that addiction is affecting you mentally and physically. Cast your struggles and burden unto me. I shall carry and make all that burdens you fade away. I will take your struggles and addiction away. Have faith and trust in the Lord and healing and recovery shall be your portion. Even as you put your faith in the earthly physicians accept and have faith in me as well.

Reflect On These Words Today

And the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven.

(James 5:15)

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