Today’s Devotional

"Declare that I am your God. Believe and claim that I am a powerful and great God for I am the creator of everything that exists. Claim that I am God by testifying of the great things I have done for you. For I claim you as mine..."

Walk in my light for I claim you as my child.

My child, I am the creator of heaven and earth. I created the world and all life that exists in it. I claim that all things belong to me. All things created by me should work towards uplifting my holy name.  And so I have called you by your name. I accept and claim you as my child for I exist for you. Choose to walk in my light and live righteously. Live a life that honors and glorifies me. Walk in my light and live a righteous life.  Honor and respect my commands and my word.  Live for me and serve others in humility. Develop a character and lifestyle that pleases and exemplifies me. I claim you as my child and so whatever you do is to please and honor your Father.

I claim your body as the temple of the Lord.

My child, your body is not your own but I claim it as my temple. Your body is where my spirit resides hence you should use it to honor and worship me. Dear one, you were made pure and clean by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Your body is a holy and sacred ground in which I reside and have my spirit live in you. You are not on your own but I have gifted you with the spirit of the Holy Spirit who is your guide and helper.Respect your body and do not engage in sexual immoralities or any other activity that dishonors your body. Do not give or submit into sin with your body but honor it for it is where my spirit resides.

Do not do just what you please with your body for it is claimed as an instrument of righteousness. Accept Jesus and keep your mind and body from giving into the fleshly temptations. You were made clean and so you should avoid sin. Love and appreciate your body for it is a gift from me and I made you in my image and likeness.

Claim me as your savior and testify of the great miracles I have performed in your life

My child, testify of the great things and miracles I have performed in your life. Claim me as your God and declare that I am your Lord God. Testify of the great things I have done for you. Rejoice in me and spread your faith in me to others. Sing my praises and let me be known to others. Spread my gospel and my word to other people so that they may also accept me and get to witness and testify of the great things I will do for them as well. 

Claim that I am yours as I claim you are mine. I belong to you dear one as you belong to me. I exist so that you may experience greatness and the gift of eternal life. Claim that I am your savior and that way you claim all the great things in life. Claim over the increase over your life everyday through me. Claim that you are a victor through your Lord Jesus.  I will give you victory over all that is meant to bring destruction. I claim greatness and life of abundance over you. I will satisfy all your heart desires.

Reflect On These Words Today

 “Do you thus repay the Lord, O foolish and unwise people? Is not He your Father who has bought you? He has made you and established you.

(Deuteronomy 32:6)

Behold, to the Lord your God belong heaven and the highest heavens, the earth and all that is in it.

(Deuteronomy 10:14)

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