Today’s Devotional

"Dear child, living your life without God as your insurance is like operating a car without insurance..."

Just like you feel the need to protect your car against risks and damages involved in the occurrence of an accident, it is the same way you should insure your life with me. Car insurance companies cover people financially as the damages and risks incurred may not be within their financial capabilities. Just like you need the car insurance companies to insure your car the same way you should insure your life with me. In times where you are faced with challenges and trials I will rescue you and protect you from further damages and raise you above your problems.

Have faith and trust in me just as you do in your car insurers

My child, just like you have faith and trust in those car insurance companies that they shall insure your car in times of accidents and cover you from liability, the same way you should have faith in me that I shall rescue your life from challenges. My child, have complete and utter faith that I shall insure your life at all times. I shall give you the strength and courage required to fight through your challenges. I shall protect you from all that is meant to destroy you. Believe in me and seek refuge in me. 

Dear one, you put all your faith in the car insurance companies despite not having the guarantee of whether they shall or fail to cover your damages. I never fail for I am a faithful God. I shall always be your guide and helper.  Car insurance companies have limited capabilities as they may not be able to protect you from the accidents unlike I the Lord who has the power to protect you from challenges and situations that are meant to cause damage to you.

Invest prayers in me as you invest finances in car insurance

Dear one, just as you invest finances in car insurance companies so that they may cover the damage in the occurrence of an accident, the same way you should invest in me through prayers. Pray so that I may always guide you and keep you safe. Prayer is a means of communicating with your Lord. Prayer is the way by which you cry to me and let your problems and troubles be known to me. Prayer is the walkway to my heart. Pray for your problems and I shall give you the strength to overcome your troubles. I will fulfill your heart’s desires. Pray to me and I shall rescue you from your storms.

Accept me as your provider and protector

My child, I am the giver and provider of all things. I shall provide you with all that you desire and need. Worry not for when you feel like you are incapable of taking care of yourself or situations happening in your life like financial struggles I will be your provider. Remember that I  am the provider and giver of all there is. In me, you shall never lack.

All you need to do is to be patient and trust in me. I will protect you from the challenges and storms that are against your life. I will always take care of you and watch over you. I will keep you safe from harm and evil. Open your heart to trust in me who is your provider. Do not be in fear of lacking for I will always provide for you. I am your help and deliverer. Seek and believe in me as your provider.

Reflect On These Words Today

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need.

(Luke 12:31)

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