Today’s Devotional

"Do Not Be Dismayed By The Pandemics That Emerge, For I am Your Reliable Health Insurance..."

Human beings are prone to diseases and this is where health insurance, which is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses that occurs in the event of illness, comes in. Health insurance creates affordability for most people hence they build faith and trust in those insurance companies. 

My child, have faith in me for I will offer you good health. Great health is one of my greatest rewards and gifts to you. Honor this gift and take care of your spiritual and physical health. I will heal you from diseases that affect your spiritual and physical health, for I am the eternal healer and the best health insurer. I shall grant you full coverage and offer you everlasting life which my child is the greatest health benefit of all. Just like you put trust in the insurance companies to offer you health security and cover you in times of disasters, trust and believe in me as well for I will always be there for you.

Build Your Faith In Me as Your Eternal Health Insurer

Just as you appreciate the presence of an insurance cover to offer support in times of calamities, appreciate me as well because it is in the times of despair that your faith in me is put to the test. My dear child,  in times of illness, do not forsake me and put all your faith in medicines, doctors, and health insurance companies for I am the provider of knowledge and resources. As you have faith in the health insurance, have faith in me that I will provide you with healing. No disease is too great for me to heal for I am greater than your problems and greater than the health insurance companies.

In times of spiritual adversities that affect your spiritual health, I will provide you with divine health just have faith in me and I shall heal your wounds and restore your health. Unlike how you invest money with health insurance companies so that they may offer you protection, my child I the Lord do not expect any kind of financial investment for your faith and trust in me is enough. I will provide you with strength to conquer that which is meant to challenge you.

Seek Me And Allow Your Eternal Health Insurer Take Over Your Life

My care and love for you, dear one, are immeasurable. Accept me as your eternal health insurer. As you invest finances in insurance companies to cover your health in times of disasters, invest prayers in me and I will not only insure your health but your entire life as well. I the Lord is always by your side. Do not lose hope in me even in times you feel your heart is burdened and troubled but instead, pray to me and I shall take away and heal it from that which troubles you. Be faithful to me my child and I shall be faithful to you. Do not test my love and abilities only in times of dismay, do not seek me only in times of troubles, seek me at all times.

Eternal Protection By Your Health Insurer

My child, you will go through many challenges in life where you will be subjected to too much suffering but always know that I am never too far away from you. I am always by your side to protect you and keep you safe from suffering. Trust in me and I assure you of my everlasting protection. I will protect and deliver you from all diseases, all your troubles, and from all evil. I will overcome your troubles for you and fight your battles. Feel at peace and rest assured that you are insured by me, your Lord in all aspects of your life.

Reflect On These Words Today

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting well…The Lord will guide you continually, watering your life when you are dry and keeping you healthy, too.”

(3 John 1:2)

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