Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, worry not for I will always watch over your household. I will be your life insurance to protect and provide for you and your loved ones. Always pray to me as prayers are God’s life insurance policy..."

Uncertainties are part of human lives for you are completely unaware of what our future holds for you and neither do you have the power to control it. The greatest and surest uncertainty is the time of death as death itself is certain for it is the fate of every man. 

With such uncertainty, people often stress and worry about what happens to their family members and loved ones in the event of immediate sudden death. You may be in a position where you are wondering; if death happens, will your family have future financial security? Are they going to suffer more from the grief they feel of losing a loved one? It is for this reason, people find it wise to turn to insurance companies to secure their families and loved ones.

A life insurance policy is meant to cover and provide financial security and stability to those left behind. You take up life insurance policies with insurance companies through signing contracts as a way of assurance that the insurance companies will cover the risks in times of death. In return, you have to invest so much in these insurance companies. People build faith and trust in these insurance companies. It promotes the feeling of ease, safety, and peace knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of.

Have faith in me as your eternal insurer

Not only do I promise you my child to offer you a life insurance policy but a life assurance policy as well.

Oh dear one, rejoice and be grateful that you will enjoy life with me beyond death and the grave because you shall have a life assurance policy the moment you put your faith in me. However, you need not die to enjoy my life assurance policy. I will insure your life in this world and the next because I am always with you. You need to have strong unmoved faith in me in order for you to see how great I am. 

Have faith that I will always be by your side whenever you need me. Have faith that you are safe with me, do not fear death for with me the physical death is not your end and death is not greater than your God. My child, there is life after death. Believe in me and I shall insure your life for all eternity.

Use prayer as your life insurance policy

Just as you have to invest money in insurance companies in the form of insurance premiums to ensure that your life insurance policy is not deactivated or terminated, so should you invest prayers in me to insure your life with me. Unlike in insurance companies wherein the case of failure of paying premiums the insurance is terminated, I will not terminate our relationship on the basis of your shortcomings.  

My child, do not turn to me only in times the world challenges have overpowered you. Pray to me and seek me at all times. Use prayer to insure your life as well as the lives of your loved ones. I shall come to you and set you free from all that burdens you. My child, never give up on praying even though things are not going your way. Always remember that I am always listening and never leave your side. I shall give you the strength and courage to overcome all your challenges. 

Pray for your family and loved ones and I will always protect and watch over them. Worry not for I will take care of your household; I shall protect them from hunger, diseases, and any other calamity. I will always keep them safe hence trust me that their lives are secure in my hands. In me, they shall never lack for anything. I am the provider of all things and I shall provide for them. I will fulfill their heart desires and protect them from suffering. I will bring them peace. Insure your life and the lives of your entire household with me.

Words to reflect on today

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

(Proverbs 13:12)

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