Today’s Devotional

"My child, the word of God is the best education you shall receive and graduate with great rewards and blessings like you graduate with a degree from an online university college program..."

Jesus Christ is the best teacher to guide you in your Christian journey.

Every student requires a tutor to guide them in their academic journey. Just as you have professors and lecturers to guide you on the online university college education program, the same way Jesus will guide you on your spiritual journey. My child, accept him and choose his as your spiritual tutor and he will embrace you with love and enlighten you.

In his humble nature, he is the greatest teacher you will ever know. He will teach you how to be happy, find peace, and bring you back to me. His teachings will give your life more meaning and joy. Have faith in him and all his teachings for that shall guide you and in doing so you will be blessed. Jesus Christ is the guidance, teacher, professor and lecturer you need in your spiritual education journey.

The Holy Spirit will be the channel through which you shall connect with me.

Just like the internet is the channel that enables the operation of online university college education, the Holy Spirit is the channel that I use to work with you as well as communicate and connect with you. The internet enables smooth learning and communication in the online university college between the students and the teacher. Accepting and walking with the Holy Spirit is accepting a relationship with me. I will work my miracles in you through the Holy Spirit and his power will open your eyes to the understanding of what I have done for you. 

The Holy Spirit will shun you from pride, bitterness, hatred, lack of faith, and fill you with love, joy, thankfulness and humility. Vices such as pride, bitterness and doubts act as insulators that disconnect me from you and prevent me from working my power and grace in you. The Holy Spirit will produce my character in you to help and guide you in your christian journey. 

Beloved, the Holy Spirit will grant you access to me through faith as he intercedes and prays for you. He shall grant you strength in those times you feel weak. In times of weakness when you feel unable to pray, turn to the Holy Spirit ask him to pray and intercede for you and through that our bond will not be disconnected. Walk in the light of the Holy Spirit for he is the connection you should seek to maintain a healthy strong bond with me.

Refer to the Bible for reference and guidance on your Christian journey.

Just as you refer to the internet (Google) for reference on the online university college education, refer to the Bible to guide you on your spiritual journey. You might also get reference from books and texts to guide you on the online university college education. My child, the bible shall provide guidance to you and strengthen your faith in me. Refer to the bible when in doubts and you will get to witness my miracles to those who believed and accepted me. It will strengthen your faith in me and preserve your patience. It shall guide you for it clearly spells out my laws and commandments that dictate how to live a righteous life. It shall encourage you and breed hope and peace in you in times of difficulties.

You shall receive great rewards from me

There are great rewards in leading a life that honors me and from believing and trusting in me. Just as there are great rewards in pursuing online university college education, such as graduating with honors and bachelor’s degrees, there are great rewards in walking with me. In pursuing online university college education, you are guaranteed a successful career.

Dear one, choosing to live a righteous life will bear great fruits and great rewards. Walking with me and following my commands will bear great rewards such as a happy eternal righteous life. Live a life that glorifies me and the kingdom of God shall belong to you.

Reflect on These Words Today

“You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for I am.”

(John 13:13)

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