Today’s Devotional

"I call upon all of you to serve me, my children. I have provided each one of you with spiritual gifts to serve the Kingdom of God..."

Responding to God’s conference call to serve His Kingdom

My child, I beseech you to accept the conference call made to you to become a servant in my ministry. I have chosen you to serve me and equipped you with spiritual gifts that you should use for the service of my Kingdom.

When making a conference call to my children, I am aware that each and every one of you has different spiritual gifts, different ministries and different talents. Even with the diversities, I have created you uniquely hence you ought to use what I have put in you, for the growth of my kingdom. 

My child, spread your gifts and use them to bring people to me. Fix the broken relationship between man and God and connect people to me. Serve me diligently and my kingdom shall belong to you. Utilize your gifts to bring honor to me. I have called you my child to work for me, serve me and you shall be rewarded greatly. 

My child, learn to use your gifts to serve others and the Lord. Use your gifts to glorify me. Let your capabilities and powers show what I the Lord can do. Worship me through the spiritual gifts given unto you. Pray and ask me to guide you and reveal to you what your spiritual capabilities and gifts are. Ask me to guide you and assist you in utilizing your gifts so that you may be able to serve me and others wisely and diligently.

Have the character of Jesus and be humble in serving others and the Kingdom of God

Dear one, use your capabilities and gifts to spread my power and show how strong and mighty I am. Do not belittle those that have not been blessed with such powers and capabilities. Your work is to use those gifts to help those without discovering their relationship with me and what they can do when they trust and live in me. By placing you on my conference call, I seek that you represent me and be my voice in the world.

Seek the spirit of the Holy Ghost to guide you upon being called and chosen during God’s conference call.

I ,the Lord, shall reveal myself to you. I shall call you and summon you in my service. To actualize that, you will need to have strong faith in me, my purpose and in the spiritual gifts offered to you. Believe in your abilities and have faith that I am always with you. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and always be yearning to fulfill the will of God. For you to find companionship in the Holy Spirit you ought to be cleansed of your sins and accept the salvation of Jesus. My children you need also to be obedient to my commands and have faith in me. 

Heed to my conference call and allow me to fulfill my purpose through you. Let my will be done through you my chosen one and be a channel to bring others close to me by teaching them to have faith in my word and promises.

Responding to my conference call.

At times you shall feel overwhelmed and incapable of representing me or even inadequate. However, let your faith not waver for I shall come to your rescue and magnify what you say and do in the eyes of the people you serve. I shall send the Holy Spirit to manifest to them and make them believe and have faith in what you say and do. Remember dear one you do not work alone for I am always with you. 

My child, your calling must surely bring opposition and it is in these times you should call unto me and I shall come to guide you. The challenges formed against you to destroy you on my call shall not prosper for I will always be there to fight those battles for you. People will believe and trust what you say and do through your Lord. I shall open their eyes to your truth and to what you want them to see and believe for and to serve my purpose. I shall magnify you and what you do in the eyes of the people.

Reflect on These Words Today

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

(Mark 16:15)

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