Today’s Devotional

"My child, mortgage your heart, body, mind, and soul with me as security to seek and acquire the kingdom of God. Give your soul and let it sing praises to the Lord and the kingdom of God shall belong to you. You shall enjoy eternal life in me..."

My dear one, similar to the way you mortgage your business, houses, or any other property you may possess as security in order to acquire a loan the same way you must seek my blessings and my kingdom by using your soul as security. In order for me to bless you, you have to seek me first.  Seek me through prayers, praise, and worship and I shall fulfill the desires of your heart. 

Give your heart to me and I shall fulfill my promises to you. Unlike in the mortal world where in case of failure of paying off the mortgage you lose your property, you shall lose nothing when you secure your heart and soul with me.  Instead, I shall bless you and offer you eternal life.

Surrender your heart, body, soul, and spirit as mortgages to secure a place for you in the kingdom of God

Surrender everything to me and my kingdom shall belong to you. Let your soul rejoice in me. Repent and confess all your transgressions. Pray for forgiveness to set your soul free from sins and evil. For I the Lord accepts a repentant soul and I will offer salvation to your soul. 

The soul is an eternal entity of man that gives him the capacity to communicate with God. Mortgage your soul with your Lord, praise Him and accept Him and your desires shall be fulfilled and have a place in His home. Just as you seek loans by mortgaging your assets and property so that the loans may help you in your problems, seek me in the same way and I the Lord shall bless you abundantly and provide guidance, protection, and shine my eternal light in your life. I will help you in your time of need. I will give you the strength to conquer your problems. I will guide you away from the challenges and darkness. I will take care of your spiritual health and wellbeing. Unlike to the mortal man, to me my child you will not be a debtor but a soul to save. I will be your eternal savior. You shall owe me nothing for all I require you to do is have complete utter faith and trust in me.

Trust and have faith in my promises.

My dear child, before making decisions on mortgaging any of your property do not only make the decision based on your crippled financial status but spiritually as well. In times of difficulties, you should seek me first and let my will be done. I do see your troubles and all that your heart desires. I see the dreams and great life you have planned for yourself. Do not rush or go after your dreams in your own way rather than trusting in me to provide the way. I the Lord has other plans for you, that indebtedness would be avoided. Have faith and trust in my promises. I shall offer you all that your heart desires.  Trust that my will in your life will be done. I will provide you with great opportunities in which your dreams will soar. My child, always come to me first in times of difficulties through prayers and I will provide you with solutions to your challenges.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you. You shall not charge interest on loans to your brother, interest on money……”

(Deuteronomy 23:19-20)

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