Today’s Devotional

"My child, seek refuge in me as your lawyer and I shall plead your case. I see all that is done against you and I promise to redeem your life..."

Accept me as your redeemer and savior

My child, I know that the weight of the challenges of the world may be difficult to bear and overcome. I shall be your lawyer to plead your case and defend you from all the accusations and allegations made against you. I shall bring victory to you and bring back respect to your disgraced name. I will redeem your life and save you from all that is meant to bring you disgrace and destruction. 

Have faith and hope in me that I shall come to your rescue. Seek refuge in me and I shall give you victory over all your enemies and battles. Accept me as your redeemer and savior. You may feel that I might be far away from you and nothing is going according to your plans. You might feel that the problems of the world are caving in on you and feel miserable. You may feel that people are pursuing you in an unfriendly manner and condemning you or accusing you of things you haven’t done. 

Always remember that I see your cries and plea and I shall come in your defense and give you power of victory. I shall give you the strength and courage you need to overcome all that troubles you. Accept me and seek me as your lawyer and I will come to your rescue. I have heard you cries and heard you weeping and I shall plead your case. Child, I am your savior and redeemer.

Jesus is your eternal advocate and lawyer

My child, your case has been won for you through my Son Christ Jesus. Satan will make you feel guilty of your sins and accuse you of many things as well. Jesus has set you free from the guilt and given you redemption and salvation from your sins and transgressions. Through my son Jesus you experience forgiveness. He advocates for you and has made it right between you and me. He has satisfied my anger by covering for your sins through his death. He carried the wages of your sins and paid the debt. No earthly lawyer would neither take the fall nor take punishment on your behalf. The earthly lawyers are there only to advise and defend but not take the fall. This is why you should accept Jesus as your savior and redeemer at all times. He will plead your cases on earth and in heaven. He will make it right for you with me.

I shall offer you guidance and protection as your lawyer

My child, your earthly lawyers may not have the ability and capabilities of shielding you or controlling what happens to you. I have the power to change how the events of your life unfold for I am the Lord and nothing is impossible with me. There is no guarantee of whether or not your lawyers will win your cases for you but it’s a chance you are willing to take. This is why you should always count on and have faith in me. Take your chance with me and rest assured that in me victory is guaranteed. I will protect you and offer you guidance from your mortal and immortal enemies and battles. I will guide you in your path and protect you from situations that may leave you defenseless. I will defend you against situations your earthly lawyers do not have the power to defend you from. My child, turn to me first all the time in the face of adversities. I will always be by your side. I see your suffering and will come to your rescue.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Lord, you are my lawyer, plead my case. For you have redeemed my life. You have seen the wrong they have done to me, Lord. Be my judge, and prove me right.

(Lamentations 3:58-66)

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