Today’s Devotional

"Your debt was settled on the cross; Through faith in me, you are loan-free and forgiven..."

Money is important and essential in the lives of human beings and without it, one goes through many difficult struggles. Whenever you feel stuck and struggling financially, you turn to financial institutions to seek financial assistance through loans. 

My dear child, I am aware that there are times that you feel that you are alone in your struggles with loans burdening you but I am assuring you that you need not be dismayed for I am with you. Whatever you are struggling with, always remember that I am the provider. Even in your financial struggles I will provide for you and help you through them. Have faith in me and I shall repay all your loans. I will ease your heart from all that burdens you.

My dear child who is capable of lending money, always remember that I am the one that has blessed you, so bless others as I bless you. My child, while lending money, be kind and patient while collecting the debt. Be good unto others like I have been good to you. When you feel that your struggles are overpowering you, call for me, seek refuge in me, and pray to me for assistance. Just like you turn to those offering loans to assist you, turn to me as well for I am your father and I wash your trouble.  Come to me, my child, for I am always here for you.

Accept me as your savior and let me carry your burden

My child, life can be very challenging and it is for this reason that you need to keep me close. Do not give in to the challenges that you face and forsake me or allow your troubles to overpower your faith in me. Cast all your worries unto me and accept me for I will clear all your loans. I will provide for you and protect you from situations that will leave you poor and a slave of loans. 

Not only will I save you from worldly debts and loans but spiritual debts as well. My child, I gave up my only son Jesus so as to save you from your sins. The debt was paid so you are debt-free. I will always support you and help you when you feel your life is filled with darkness.

Have trust and faith in me as your savior

Dear one, I know there are times you feel that pressure, trials, and tribulations of the world have overpowered you. I see and hear your pleas and cries so have trust in me and I will take all your worries away. Have faith in me and you shall not perish but conquer all. I will bless you with eternal and spiritual health and wealth. 

Your debt was settled on the cross. Through faith in me, you are free and forgiven. Before seeking help from people, seek me first.  Have strong faith in me enough to believe even the worldly loans shall be settled for I the Lord is the provider of all things. 

My dear one just as you place your trust in people and have faith that once you loan them money they will return the money with an interest, place your trust and faith in me as well for your interests from me are greater than money. Seek me and I shall keep rewarding you and blessing you. My child, do not forsake that wealth and riches you possess are from I the Lord. Unlike the world of men, in my home, no one is greater than the other, no one gets discriminated against on the basis of wealth or poverty. Seek me, trust and believe in me for I have a special for you.

Reflect on These Words Today

“But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be the sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.”

(Luke 6:35)

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