Today’s Devotional

"I will insure your life, my child, and protect you from that that is meant to pull you down..."

Accidents and risks are unavoidable and it is, therefore, necessary to take on insurance to cover the risks and damages incurred. People invest money in insurance companies to get the guarantee that in the occurrence of an accident they will be safe. People take on different insurance covers such as health insurance, life insurance, car insurance among many other types of insurance. People have faith in insurance companies that they will come through for them despite not knowing whether or not the insurance companies would cover them. People feel at peace, protected, and confident in insurance companies.

My dear child, just like you believe in the abilities of insurance companies, believe in me as well. I am always here for you and in moments you feel like the storms are overpowering you, remember that I am always by your side. I will give you victory over your enemies and conquer all your battles. It may feel like I have abandoned you in times of trial but I am always with you. Receive assurance that I will protect you from all that threatens you including the problems insurance companies cannot cover. Insure your life with me through prayers and I shall never fail. I am faithful to my promises and I will give you the strength to overcome the storms.

Use prayers As Insurance for Your Life With Me.

My dear one, there is strength in prayer as it is the telephone line to Heaven. It is through prayer that I supply the inner man with abundant life and decrease the intensity and time of suffering. Just as you invest in insurance companies to cover you in times of need, also invest in me, my child , through prayers and I will honor your call. Pray for the difficult situations you are going through in life. Pray to me first before you even turn to the insurance companies for nothing is too great for your Lord. The problems in your life may seem so difficult to overcome but I need you to turn through prayers and accept me as your insurer.

Have Faith and Accept Me As Your Insurer

Life will throw at you many difficulties and challenges and you will be faced by storms, but worry not for I am here with you. Cast your burdens unto me and I will keep you safe. In those times you are put to the test through trials and tribulations and learn to have faith in me during those times rather than giving up on me. Faith in me is the insurance that will see you through those challenges. I will give you the strength to overcome the storms, raise you above challenges and give you victory against those battles. Not only will I insure your life from the challenges of the world but insure your spiritual life as well.

My child, to conquer over your immortal and spiritual battles and enemies you need to have strong unshaken faith in me. I will protect you, I will keep you safe for I am always watching over you. Insure your health with me for I shall heal your body and soul. Accept me as your personal insurer and trust and believe in me first that I shall work miracles and wonders in your life. Have strong unshaken faith in me, my child and I will make all your troubles fade away. 

There are situations that insurance companies won’t have the capabilities to save you from, spiritual challenges. Remember I am the provider of all things and have empowered those insurance companies and equipped them with the resources. So my dear child, have faith in me more than you do in those insurance companies. I will always protect you and watch over you.

Reflect on These Words Today

“God is faithful, He will not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability, but with temptation, he will also provide the way for escape, that you may be able to endure it”

(1st Corinthians 10:13)

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