Today’s Devotional

"My child, always remember that Wisdom Is The Insurance That Preserves Your Life..."

Insurance Gets You Inheritance.

There are multiple reasons why people opt to take up life insurance. Some purchase life insurance with an intention of making sure their loved ones do not suffer after their death. The family members are named as beneficiaries of the policy and are made sure to receive the agreed funding at the right time. Though life insurance is invested in affordable premiums, it can have a huge impact on the family later on. Investing in life insurance is a wise idea, and it safeguards those you love.

My child, what a joy it is to know that you are part of the beneficiaries of my inheritance. You work so hard and you have tried to secure a good life for yourself and your family. Though things may not work as you envisioned, though you may not have amassed as much wealth as you wanted to by now, do not let it wear you down my child. You have continually felt worried that everyone else may have gone ahead of you in being wealthy, but what greater gift is there than being justified to be a child of God.

Like life insurance, I have set inheritance for you. That as long as you are called by my name, you are sure that you will get possessions that no earthly work could give you. My child, let your actions be as life insurance premiums, that they will store blessings for you because I am pleased by obedience and a pure heart. You are filled with wisdom, and you know best what decision to make for your well-being. With my guidance, I will show you what way to go, you will choose the right life insurance that will lead you to eternal life.

It Is Your Duty To Provide.

Some people can have the means to create a future for their children but they choose not to. They may be aware of life insurance and the benefits it can have on their families but instead, they choose to waste away the resources they get. Life insurance is an act of love and a way of taking up responsibility by taking care of those you love. When you take up life insurance you are sure that whatever happens to you, your children will be safeguarded and will not suffer financially in any way.

My child, you have been left without much by your parents, maybe they did not have enough, but let that be a lesson to you. You have started by yourself, and I have opened doors that will help you thrive. I have seen what has happened to you, and I choose to be your life insurance.  I have already started good work in you so just be confident that I will bring it to completion. When you abide by me and do what is right, will I not take care of you and your children?

My precious child, have joy when you are able to provide for someone or help them in their times of need. Rejoice that you are able to serve as life insurance, such that these people have not suffered in your presence. My child, even when people are not grateful enough, do not be discouraged, because I make sure I reward you accordingly.  Take courage that you are doing good work unto me for it is better for you to do the good that I have told you to do than to forgo it. I am your father and never will I let you take care of everything alone.

Reflect on These Words Today

“But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

(1 Timothy 5:8)

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