Today’s Devotional

"My Child, I Will Protect You as Your Insurer..."

Confide in Me As your Personal Insurer

It is within the law, that as long as you have a car on public roads, you must have a car insurance policy cover. By having a car insurance policy, you are entitled to compensation when the car is stolen or has been involved in an accident. The role played by car insurance is creditable.
Dear one, in life you may find yourself in situations that you can’t pull yourself from. Some are certain to happen and they can be beyond your reach. Attempts to deal with such situations often result in one being discouraged and feeling hopeless. I will extricate you from the situations and do the unimaginable for you. Like a car insurer, I will come through to you when you feel the load you are carrying is too much to handle.
There are lawbreakers who do not see the need to have car insurance or do not renew the insurance once it expires and so they do not get insured if theft or an accident happens. This is how it is like to those who do not see the importance of me in their lives and when problems come to them I will not be there to help. Loved one, in times of troubles I will avail myself and will fight for you and victory is all your tongue will speak. Just as a car insurer is of use when you need it to compensate for your loss, as your confidential insurer, I will repay you the lost years of your life from the hands of the evil one as long as you repent and allow me back into it.

My Help Is Exceptional Than That Of Car Insurance

Owning car insurance guarantees somebody that in case of an accident they will be well compensated. Since nobody knows when an accident is set to happen, you may hit a passenger along the way and maybe your car insurance doesn’t have comprehensive insurance cover. This means that you will face a financial drain as you will have to compensate the passenger yet with comprehensive car insurance, you wouldn’t be required to spend a penny.  

Oh, faithful one, you have the thought that every problem you go through is solvable in one way or another. Just like there are times when a driver may be involved in a car accident yet the car insurer refuses to settle them on a certain basis, there are times you have made plans yet they have not worked out your way and in the end, you tend to be disappointed and lose faith in me. Faith and trust in me should be evident at all times when your life is good or when it turns around against you.

Dear one, I am ready to come to you and will not be a burden for I do not seek what you own but it is your soul that I am after. You may ask yourselves why there is a need to have car insurance whereas I can protect you from accidents. Whenever you get into an accident do not feel like I have abandoned you because I am always protecting you even when you have no idea about it. Rest in my arms for they are the safest place to be and call out to my name in your hour of need for it is the safest protection.

Reflect on These Words Today

“For the Lord protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken.”

(Psalms 34:20)

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