Today’s Devotional

"My Dear Child, Refrain From Making Judgments On Others..."

Entrust Me With The Mandate To Take A Medical Need On You Always

When one gets sick, people tend to make assumptions of what disease they are suffering from, to what extent can it be dangerous and the possible medication they would need. People assume the work of the health officers whose work is to assess the medical needs of a patient. When one receives good care and a positive response to their medical needs, treatment follows. Wrong assessment of medical needs would lead to treating the wrong disease which can be lethal.

Starting your medical needs is a step to treatment and it’s an inevitable process upon arriving at a medical center requiring treatment. I would also stand in as the medical needs too, and assess your life before making a judgment on you. You often make mistakes by doing what I have asked you to refrain from. I give another chance to those who ask for it when they confess their sins through confession and ask to be pardoned. Just as medical needs have to be conducted again if the treatment made to a patient fails to cure their illness or injury, you will have to be assessed again and a judgment on whether you will suffer the consequences of doing the wrong will be upon you.

My child, rectifying somebody isn’t bad if it’s not in a condemnable spirit but it is very wrong when you censure the guilty because you are assuming my responsibility. Believe in me for when the time comes for my judgment you shall be saved. Look into your ways and change on those that are going against my will and when you do so you are saving yourself on the repercussions of not doing so. When you assume the role of health officers which is assessing medical needs in somebody else’s life and you do it without mercy and unapologetically, you are just leaving proof that will be used against you. Live a free life free from judging others and my mercies will be upon you.

In Me, You Are Assured Of The Correct Results Of Your Both Physical And Spiritual Medical Needs

When you visit a hospital and the health practitioners, either unknowingly or by carelessness, conduct checkups to assess your medical needs and come up with a wrong report making you receive the wrong treatment, it will result in the condition worsening and when you realize the condition isn’t subsiding, you will probably think of visiting another health center. If a keen analysis is made and this time the right treatment is given, you will be restored back to your normal health condition.

My child, a wrong medical needs assessment is as bad as being judged wrong. Most people often judge other people from their appearance and see the bad in them by how they look, talk or even walk. I, your creator, am only concerned with the nature of your heart, your motives, and your thoughts. You will find yourself judging someone in one way or another, seek me and I will get that thought off you. My dear, it is important to give your life to me and in doing so you will have followed my son’s steps and even better him. Let me be the one to report on your medical needs for I will not give one that will lead to a worse situation than which you are already in.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.”

(Matthew 7:3)

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