Today’s Devotional

"My Dear Child, You Have A Lot To Learn In The World But Take Much Interest To My Teachings First..."

Allow Me Be Your Teacher

In educational institutions, people converge together in classes to be imparted with knowledge. To be better people in the future, education has been given credit and that’s why most people strive to get into classes and acquire knowledge on whatever career one would like to pursue. This is much the same when you convene to me, for the world is one big classroom, you are all learners, and you are learning from my word which is the Bible and I am your teacher. 

Every true child of mine is to be enrolled in my classes and if not, then you are illegitimate children to me. My child, on a daily basis you learn something about me or what my word asks of you but to practice it you are required to accept me in your life first. I am omnipresent and so are my teachings about identifying myself to you. 

On many occasions, inhabitants of the world ignore my teachings and by this, you are underestimating me, the creator. Everyone is allowed and qualified to enroll in my classes for I am a good teacher who does not condemn repentant sinners.  I pardon them when they ask for forgiveness and they will live to my glory. Through the death and resurrection of my son Jesus, everyone acquired the qualifications necessary to enroll in my classes.

An Assurance That You Will Endure Through A Different Life From The Teachings I Give During My Classes

You suppress my knowledge in your sins when even after getting into classes, you fail to practice what you have been taught. Even in schools, when somebody wrongly solves a question opposite to what they were taught during classes, they will fail. I have been in classes with the living creatures and through you who is made of my image. I am confident that you all will pass my course and I will see you throughout your life.

My child, in classes you are taught about what to help you grow a step ahead which is not short of what you will learn in my classes.  I will instruct and teach you in the way which you should go and will counsel you with my eye upon you. Some would join the classes because they believed that when you trust in me, all your problems will be solved and you will live a trouble-free life or you will live at a higher place where the problems won’t reach you. The truth about it is I will use trials to train you to become more like my son, Jesus, who learned obedience through the things he suffered.  The process was painful but the final product made it worthwhile. 

In my course, you will often wonder why you passed the exam without completing the course and being awarded a degree. You may also think that you have passed the exam, but before you know it, you will retake the same course. Through this, you are proving your obedience and trust to me, and if I tell you about it, you wouldn’t mind enrolling in my classes. Dear child, do not shrug your shoulders and normalize your life when you encounter difficult situations. Picture me and understand that this is a means of training. What I use must go through my class to develop trust, obedience, patience, and a gentle conscience. If you are a student, you can be confident that you are in my class and your interests are close to my heart.

Reflect on These Words Today

“All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.”

(2 timothy 3:16)

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